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Official: Kesha’s Official Site Gets Makeover
Candids: Kesha & Vittorio Arriving At LAX
Ke$ha Visits Jimmy Kimmel & Talks MCBL
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Ke$ha talks to The Bulletin about dangerous glitter obsession, yoga and more
Westboro Baptists Owned By Kesha’s Dancers
Myth the Nightclub, Minneapolis
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Warrior Tour
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Make sure you get tickets to the best show in town. Ke$ha is coming to a city near you. Who's ready to party?

July 3 - Cork, Ireland
July 5 - Werchter, Belgium
July 6 - Nibe, Denmark
July 7 - Stockholm, Sweden
July 9 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 10 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg
July 12 - London, England
July 13 - Kinross, Scotland
July 15 - London, England
July 16 - Paris, France
July 18 - Prague, Czech Republic
July 19 - Vienna, Austria
July 21 - Istanbul, Turkey

August 9 - Cleveland, Ohio
August 10 - Bethlehem, Penn.
August 12 - Vienna, Virginia
August 14 - Raleigh, North Carolina
August 15 - Charlotte, North Carolina
August 17 - Springfield, Illinois
August 18 - Lincoln, Nebraska
August 19 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 21 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August 23 - Uncasville, Connecticut
August 24 - Essex Junction, Vermont
August 25 - Canandaigua, New York
August 27 - Columbus, Ohio
August 28 - Portsmouth, Virginia
August 30 - Bangor, Maine
August 31 - Gilford, New Hampshire

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Official: Kesha’s Official Site Gets Makeover


Animals! The official site for Kesha has been totally made over. Could this new era be closer than we think? I guess only time will tell. Tell us what you guys think in the comments or give us a tweet!

In the meanwhile make sure to go follow Kesha (@kesharose) & our Twitter (@TheKeshaDaily).

Candids: Kesha & Vittorio Arriving At LAX

Cameras were out on the prowl as Kesha arrived at LAX in LA Today (June 30th) looking stunning as always. I’ve added 7 UHQ photos so make sure to go check out the photos in our growing gallery.


Ke$ha Visits Jimmy Kimmel & Talks MCBL

Yesterday Ke$ha left Alaska to head back to LA where she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about her 2nd season of MCBL. Make sure to check out the interview below!


Coming Back Soon!

Hey guys, as you know we have been slow and lacking on updates. I have had a lot going on in the past two months but everything will be back to normal within the next few days, so please hold tight and keep checking back for some updates!

Ke$ha talks to The Bulletin about dangerous glitter obsession, yoga and more


Pop star Ke$ha knows all about the dangers of glitter.

Yes, glitter — those tiny reflective particles that sparkle and shine, which the music sensation is nearly always covered with.

“I actually have had it in my eye,” Ke$ha told The Bulletin in a phone interview last week. “I’ve had it in pretty much every orifice you can think of with your imagination. The other day, I was choking on glitter on stage during a show. There are lots of glitter-related injuries. People slip on glitter; inhale glitter.”

The 26-year-old music sensation said she spends thousands of dollars a month on glitter, which she practically showers her audiences with.

“If you come to one of my shows, you expect glitter, and I never want to leave anyone disappointed,” she said.

For those attending Ke$ha’s concert Friday evening at the Mohegan Sun Arena, expect to come home with glitter on you.

“It’s just everywhere and we’ve all just accepted that it’s a fact,” Ke$ha said. “Everyone who works on this tour has glitter everywhere. My brother has glitter all over him; my little nephew who is 3 years old has glitter all over him all the time. Everybody has glitter everywhere.”

As mid-performance glitter mishaps allude to, the global sensation’s shows are known for being wacky and wild, just like the singer herself.

“It’s kind of insanity, to be totally honest, but it’s really fun,” Ke$ha said. “On stage, there are crazy antics, like the quintessential ones: I cover everyone in glitter and run about and potentially will be making out with someone. There are cartwheels and stripper poles and power tools involved.”

The calm before the storm is the star’s pre-show ritual, an activity that she says may surprise fans: “I love doing yoga and I try to meditate before every show.”

Ke$ha’s passion for all things zen — she had just finished yoga practice before our interview, and told me she’s currently reading a book about chakras — may be an effort to counterbalance the stresses of a chaotic tour.

“Off stage, I think my touring family, we’ve just been touring for so long that everyone is starting to go crazy and everyone’s just letting their crazy out.”

Living la vida loca is what Ke$ha is known for. The hard-partying image she projects through her lyrics (“Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack; Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back”), music videos, style (she helped popularize the no-pants look) and even jewelry line (which includes teeth, skulls and phallic earrings), seemingly overshadows the music itself.

But, the Nashville native insists, there’s more to her than her wild-child reputation let’s on.

“I’m definitely not the poster child for being a role model in any sort of traditional sense,” she said. “But I do think that if you look past some of the wilder exterior, that you’re going to find a lot of love and compassion and really a very positive message in everything I do.

“I’m just trying to fill everybody with positivity toward themselves and other people. … But, I also like to party.”


Westboro Baptists Owned By Kesha’s Dancers

Ke$ha and her backup dancers may have put on their best performance yet as the pop star sent her crew to respond to the Westboro Baptist Church protest that was taking place outside her concert in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Three tank-top clad men showed off their moves as WBC members shouted the lyrics to “God Hates Who U R,” an anti-gay parody of Ke$ha’s anthem of acceptance “We R Who We R.”

The Westboro Baptist protestors didn’t seem to quite know how to react, holding up their anti-gay and anti-Obama signs while awkwardly swaying to the auto-tuned beat (lady in the floppy hat, we’re looking at you) as the dancers did their thing. Most ineffective protest ever?

Well played, Ke$ha, well played. You’ve made the world a more accepting, as well as a more glitter-filled, place.


Myth the Nightclub, Minneapolis


Last Night (August 19th) Ke$ha performed at Myth the Nightclub in Minneapolis.

The show lived up to the anticipated production value with huge smoke explosions and metallic confetti shot into the air — as if anyone needed more glitter. During “Gold Trans Am,” Ke$ha had a metal spinning tool that she created a shower of sparks with on the center of her giant pro-wrestling-type belt. For someone who made a career by essentially claiming to brush her teeth with a bottle of Jack, it was unexpected to see her operating what could be considered heavy machinery. And that said it was a bit unexpected to see her execute such fast choreography with her crew of professional male dancers.

– City Pages Review

Tour Photos » Warrior Tour 2013 » August 19 – Myth the Nightclub, Minneapolis

Want a chance to win a piece of Kesha Rose?


Ke$ha wants to see your best dance moves! If you’re at a WARRIOR tour show this summer, upload a VIDEO of you dancing during Ke$ha‘s performance with the hashtag ‪#‎WARRIORDANCE‬.

Ke$ha will pick her favorite at the end of the tour and send them a piece of jewelry from her new Kesha Rose By Charles Albert jewelry line.