Three Reasons Why You Must Clean Your Vape Tank

There are many reasons to clean your vape tank, but these three are the most important. You will see a huge difference in performance and longevity after you clean it properly. Keep reading to learn how often should i clean my vape tank. It will be worth the effort!

Longer Life

Keeping your vape in good shape is crucial for a long lifespan. It’s important to clean it regularly to prevent juice leakage and extend its life. To clean it properly, soaking it in non-flavored vodka and wiping it dry will do the trick. The entire process should not take more than 20 minutes. If you notice that the tank smells bad or has residue left behind after cleaning it, you’ll need to clean it.

After cleaning the tank, you may want to add some fresh e-liquid to your vape. If your tank is dirty, your flavor will suffer. A new tank should smell clean but it may not look dirty. This characteristic smell may be due to a clogged coil. Cleaning the tank thoroughly will ensure the best vaping experience. To clean a detachable tank, you can use a soft cloth. Be sure not to get the battery section wet.


Despite the fact that your device may not look like it needs a good cleaning, it is still important to do so to ensure the best possible performance. Cleaning your vape tank is not difficult, and the steps below will help you do so with ease. Clean your tank thoroughly with an alcohol solution. Ideally, you should use high-proof alcohol with a non-flavored version, and wipe the parts using a soft cloth or paper towel. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can then use warm water to rinse your device and let it dry.

When it comes to cleaning your tank, you should also consider the type of coil you use. While coil cleaning is easier than tank cleaning, it depends on the type of coil you use. Stock coils in tanks are comprised of a coil that is enclosed in a metal shell. However, rebuildable atomizer coils are simpler to clean because you can simply remove the coil and replace it with a new one.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Tank? 

Here are a few reasons why you should clean your vape tank. Baking soda, propylene glycol, and ethanol are all excellent cleaning agents. These ingredients are inexpensive and readily available. 

Baking Soda

If your tank is smelling funny, you should use baking soda to clean it. You can also use a solution of bleach and water, diluted to prevent any damage to the tank’s rubber parts. Be sure to rinse your vape tank thoroughly to remove any remaining vinegar smell. Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent, and it is effective at removing bad flavors. Propylene glycol also works well as a cleaning agent. Simply mix a small amount in a cup or bowl, and then pour it into your tank. Then, you can wipe it off with a napkin.

Vinegar is another good cleaning agent. It is acidic but works well to remove caked-on e-juice residue. Vinegar should be thoroughly rinsed and is a good choice if you don’t want to risk putting a lot of chemicals in your tank. It is also cheap, but make sure to rinse it thoroughly afterward. You can also use baking soda and ethanol, but be sure to follow these directions carefully.

If you’re unsure of how to clean your tank, you can always try cleaning it with some common household items, such as vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and will remove any leftover gunk and residue. But, this method will take some time, so you’d better make sure to rinse your tank thoroughly afterward. It’s important to remember that ethanol or vodka are both good cleansing agents, but they’re not as effective as baking soda.


Ethanol is one of the best cleaning agents for a vape tank. It is a grain alcohol that is highly effective at cleaning. You can buy ethanol at your local liquor store. However, it is best to use pure ethanol for cleaning the tank. Using this solution will allow you to remove residue, greasy build-up, and odor. Here are the steps to follow to clean your tank effectively.

First, you need to remove any remaining e-liquid. If you’re using a rebuildable tank, it is simple to change the wick. You can also use a base e-liquid to flush out the lingering flavors. When you have changed e-liquid flavors, it can get dirty and affect the taste of your vapor. You’ll have to clean the tank more often than usual to get the best possible flavor from it.

The next step is to thoroughly wash the tank with warm water. Do not use hot water since this can cause damage to the tank parts. Rinse the tank parts thoroughly with runny water after soaking for a few hours. After the cleaning process is done, you can dry the tank parts thoroughly with a paper towel. However, if you’re concerned about the taste, you can use ethanol instead of water.

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If you want to extend the life of your vape device, it is important to keep your tank clean. A clean tank will allow your device to work at its highest capacity. When the tank is greasy or oily, airflow is reduced, resulting in inadequate amounts of vapor and less substance in each puff. To remove any excess oil or debris, you can soak the tank parts in alcohol. Be sure to rinse the tank thoroughly afterward.

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