What Is The Recipe To Make Grinch Shot

The Grinch shot is an incredibly popular drink. This delicious drink is made by blending Midori, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Its green color is what gives it its name. Mixing up the drink is easy, and you can prepare one shot at a time. Strain it into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with a maraschino cherry. Is there anything more festive than a peppermint drink during the holidays? This Grinch shot recipe is easy to make and perfect for your next Christmas party! The ingredients are simple, and you can tweak the amounts to fit your taste.

Types Of Grinch Shots

If you’re feeling festive for the holidays, try one of these Grinch Shot Recipes! These festive drinks combine Belaire Bleu, Midori, and Absinthe for a festive holiday treat. You can also add simple syrup to make them a little sweeter. Read on to learn how to make these unique cocktails! But first, let’s talk about what to put in your Grinch Shot. A liqueur base will make your Grinch drink too sweet – the key is to balance out the sweetness of the liquor with the sour element of lemon juice.

Absinthe Grinch

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays with friends or planning a Christmas party, these Absinthe Grinch Recipes are a great choice. Made with fruity ingredients, the Grinch cocktail is a light, festive drink that will put a smile on your face and grow your heart. Try it on Christmas Eve, or any other night of the winter season. If you’re a raging alcohol drinker, try mixing up a batch of these festive drinks to get in the holiday spirit.

Belaire Bleu

If you love green drinks, you’ll probably want to try a “Grinch” cocktail. This festive drink is typically made with Midori, which is responsible for its signature green color. A garnish of red fruit will add even more fun to this drink. This Grinch recipe makes a refreshing shot that’s perfect for a Christmas brunch. You can easily make your own by mixing orange juice and blue wine.


This drink is a great treat to celebrate Christmas or a holiday party. Made with Midori, lemon-lime soda, and pineapple juice, this drink is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. Cherry can be garnished to top off the drink. Midori is a light-flavored liqueur with a melon flavor that is perfect for mixing into festive drinks. It is available in liquor stores next to flavored liqueurs, and its bright green color makes it easy to find. In addition to a mix of water and lime juice, a large lemon will yield about 1 3/4 ounces of juice, enough to make three shots.

Simple syrup

One of the most famous Grinch drink recipes is a fruity martini, but there are many other variations of this classic holiday cocktail, including a green-and-red variety. Some recipes include the use of tropical fruit-infused vodka, while others call for absinthe. Either way, the Grinch drink recipe will brighten the spirit of your guests. 

Lemon juice

The best lemon juice for Grinch Shot Recipes is fresh lemon juice. The liqueur base in this drink is quite sweet, so it is important to add lemon juice to balance the sweetness. While lemon juice can be used in place of simple syrup, fresh lemon juice is the best choice. Be careful not to buy bottled lemon juice, as they are usually sweetened. One large lemon will yield about 1 3/4 ounces of juice, which is plenty to make three different Grinch Shot Recipes.

How do you make a Grinch shot?

The classic Grinch shot combines a tropical fruit liqueur with vodka. Its green color and citrus flavor give this drink its name. A great Christmas drink for adults, Grinch shots can be made one at a time or poured into a pitcher to serve multiple guests. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and a toothpick.

The base of the Grinch cocktail is a liqueur, which makes it too sweet for many people. To counteract the sweetness, you can add lemon juice. You can either squeeze fresh lemons or use store-bought brands. Fresh lemon juice is recommended, but bottled juice contains added sugar. One large lemon can yield one and a half ounces of juice. A large lemon yields approximately enough juice for three Grinch shots.

What are the 12 shots of Christmas?

How do you play the drinking game? The first person who shouts “cheermeister!” wins the shot. After that, each person who squeals when the baby Grinch is shown or mentions Grinch’s heart has to take a shot. The person who gets the most squeals gets to take the shot! That is all there is to it! The game is not for children, so it’s for adults.

To make the shot, you’ll need lime vodka, but regular flavored vodka will work. You can also use triple sec, which is a tart spirit commonly used in margaritas. Another way to make the shot is with gelatin powder. Unflavored gelatin works best. Red candy hearts are a good way to remember the Grinch, so don’t forget to serve these with red hearts!

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In addition to a holiday spirit drink, you can make a Grinch cocktail. This cocktail is made with Midori, lime juice, and simple syrup. The tart melon flavor of the drink makes it the perfect choice for a stressful holiday party. You can add a strawberry to give it that extra heart-shaped flair. Make sure to make the drink in a tall glass for a festive twist.

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