Signs That You’re Living A Toxic Relationship

Living in a toxic relationship can be harmful both to you and to those around you. Toxins are poisons that slowly destroy the human body, mind, and spirit. As with any poison, the more you ingest, the more you will become vulnerable to the risks and complications of exposure. The more toxins we put into our bodies, the more likely we will get sick, stressed, depressed, and emotionally damaged.

There are many common signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. Some of these include constant anger, feelings of helplessness, excessive controlling behavior, depression, lack of intimacy, a need for solitude, frequent changes in routines or preferences, feeling “different” from others, a need for isolation, financial problems, and others. There may be a feeling of constantly being “overloaded”. Living in a toxic relationship can feel like living in a constant poisonous soup. You may feel like you’re getting less done, getting more mixed up, and unable to achieve clear goals and outcomes. Living in a relationship where the other person feels “off,” “not respected,” “not valued,” and “not important” is highly unhealthy and can lead to significant pain.

Different Signs That Shows That You’re Living A Toxic Relationship

If your love life is toxic, several signs show that you’re living in a toxic relationship. They may not all be at once, or even in sequence, but if they are present, then you’re probably living in a toxic relationship. Of course, not all relationships get harmful for the same reasons, but nearly everyone can use some help sorting out their toxic relationship. Here are the top signs that you’re living in a toxic relationship:

A Constant Feeling Of Anxiety And Stress

One of the symptoms of a toxic family member is chronic feelings of anxiety, stress, and frustration. These are all-natural reactions to living in an environment that continually emphasizes our bodies. Living in an emotionally abusive environment can cause the body to behave as if it is going out of date. You may also experience chronic pain and discomfort in the muscles, joints, skin, heart, and lungs due to the ongoing effects of toxic stress. Finally, living in an unhealthy relationship can make it difficult to breathe correctly. Leading to further health problems and a severe lack of mental and physical clarity.

Evaporating Love

The love you thought you had is evaporating. You fell madly in love with this person, and everything about them made you feel great. Then the wheels started turning, and you found yourself spending more time with that toxic person. You begin to question why you fell in love with them in the first place.

You Don’t Enjoy Intimacy

You stop being able to enjoy intimacy. Falling madly in love is easy, but sustaining that feeling of love and intimacy when you’re in a toxic relationship can be next to impossible. You and your toxic partner don’t get along, you need to work on this if you want to survive in this toxic environment. If you enjoy intimacy then it is a sign of a happy and close relationship.

You Don’t Understand Yourself

You don’t know what to do with yourself. Falling madly in love can be intoxicating and thrilling. However, staying in a toxic relationship can leave you feeling worn out, tired, depressed, and empty. It would help if you got healthy, or you’d go back to square one.

It Affects Your Career And Family Life

Your career and family life suffer. These are classic signs that you’re living a toxic relationship. Toxic people tend to take their relationships very seriously, and if they aren’t happy, they will make sure that others are satisfied, even if it hurts those they love. If your spouse is constantly working late and leaving you stressed and angry. You need to talk to them about its impact on both you and your professional life. This is especially important if your spouse is the type of person who leaves the dinner table with a bottle of scotch and a valentine card for their significant other.

You Feel Guilty

You feel guilty for falling in love with a toxic partner. Living in a toxic relationship is painful, and you may feel guilty for fixing the problems that are creating the pain. While you may feel guilty. You have to ask yourself if you are willing to hurt your spouse or loved ones to save the relationship. If you are, you’re doomed.

You Keep Comparing Yourself To Others

You constantly find yourself comparing with others. Living in a toxic relationship often means comparing to others, whether in love or anger. People in unhealthy relationships compare with those they perceive as better, and they may resent you simply for existing. As you can see, these signs that show you’re living a toxic life are very subtle, and you have to look at them all with the mind of a mediator. Try to be patient and let these things play out for you and your partner without making significant changes.

You Get Jealous Of Others

There’s another symptom that you may be living in a toxic relationship that most people aren’t even aware of. You might be secretly jealous and suspicious of others and their relationships. Many times, the way you behave in secret may be more suspect than the overt manipulation of others that you exhibit. Jealousy and suspicion can turn into a rage in a toxic relationship, so you should examine your behavior. Also if you are not able to sleep properly due to a toxic relationship try sleeping on your back it will give you proper spinal alignment.

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Living a toxic relationship isn’t easy, and it’s not something that you can “get past.” However, you have to start acting now if you want to save your marriage and stop living in a toxic relationship. The longer you ignore the problems, the longer they’ll go unchecked, and the harder they will be to fix. It affects you mentally, too. One of the symptoms that you might be living in a toxic relationship is depression. The depressed person feels depressed all the time and might even feel hopeless.

Living in a toxic relationship doesn’t have to be a part of your love life. There are many ways to save yourself from living in one. One of the ways you can do that is to avoid getting involved with those that are toxic. If you’re still attracted to them, move on and find someone who will give you the kind of love you deserve. Living in a toxic relationship won’t get you anywhere. So you need to take steps to get out of it as soon as possible.

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