How Do I Keep My Dorm Room From Smelling?

There are many ways to combat odor in your dorm room. You can try an air purifier for dorm rooms, essential oils, and towels. These methods will keep bacteria from circulating through the air. You can also use Febreze fabric spray. Using this spray can help combat odor on hard-to-clean items, such as couches and carpets. This article will cover some of the most common ways to fight odor.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are great for college students. These devices improve the quality of the air in the room and eliminate contaminants like COVID-19, VOCs, and odors. Many dorm rooms are considered to be “Petri dishes” as they are often dirty and lack routine cleaning. You should choose a model that has an average CADR of more than 90. If noise is an issue, look for an air purifier for dorm room with a low noise level.

When buying an air purifier for dorm room, be sure to check the square footage coverage. Different units are built for different room sizes, ranging from 100 square feet to 650 square feet. Then, find one that has the appropriate power level for the square footage of your room. Do not buy a model that’s too powerful – you don’t want to overclean the room. Make sure you choose one that doesn’t cost too much and is portable.

Cleaning With Essential Oils

A few tips can help you avoid your dorm room from smelling bad. Try to keep your room clean and fresh by changing sheets on a weekly basis and cleaning non-glass surfaces. Also, open windows to let any residual smells escape. Hanging items on hooks in windows will help air out your dorm. If you find yourself smelling your dorm room too much, try to remove all the sources of bad smell.

Another good way to avoid bad odors in your dorm is to avoid cooking or eating in it. While it may not be practical to spend a large amount of time in your room, cooking and eating in it can leave it with an unpleasant smell. If you can’t avoid eating in your dorm room, you can make sure that your room is odor-free. Adding some plants to your dorm room will help neutralize any unpleasant odors.

Keeping Bacteria Out Of The Air

One of the easiest ways to keep your dorm from smelling is to use a freshener. Air fresheners can temporarily mask the smell, but they do not fix the problem. Instead, try using essential oils. They come in many scents and are even good for your health. They can also be used to treat your dorm room’s odor.

Another source of odor is moisture. Damp surfaces and damp air attract bacteria. You may not realize it, but bacteria thrive in moist air. Your room’s humidity level may be influenced by the climate in your area. But be sure to keep any dampness out of the air, which will trap pollutants and foul smells. In addition to these sources of odor, you should also keep the windows closed whenever possible.

Cleaning With Towels

Paper towels are great for a variety of cleaning purposes, and they don’t need to be washed. They can even be used as napkins while you’re eating. Presto! Paper Towels are flexible, super absorbent, and come in a variety of scents. Using a paper towel can prevent an unpleasant smell from forming in your dorm room.

Drying out towels in between uses is another great way to keep a dorm room smelling fresh. A white towel can prevent a dorm room from smelling stale or moldy. Make sure to air-dry your towels between uses and hang them up to dry. If you use a towel for a specific purpose, such as cleaning a spill, wash it immediately so that it doesn’t sit around for days. If you don’t have a laundry dryer, a foldable drying rack can save you space.

Cleaning With Air Fresheners

A good-smelling dorm room is a comfortable environment, and odor-free air is an important part of a college student’s comfort level. Aside from being a place to sleep, study, and hang out, a dorm room should be a place that smells good, too. Below are six air fresheners that will mask odors in your dorm room.

Air fresheners can go a long way in making your dorm smell great. You can place one in the corner of your room or use dryer sheets. You can also place a sheet in a fan to blow the scent all over the room. These items are inexpensive and will keep your dorm room smelling fresh. Another option is to use used dryer sheets, but be sure to wash them thoroughly before using them. The juice might still be there.

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Dorm rooms can often smell musty or like smoke. This is because they are small, enclosed spaces with little ventilation. First, try to air out your room as much as possible. Open the windows and doors to let fresh air in. If it’s cold outside, you can use a fan to circulate the air. If you have any smelly items in your room, such as sneakers, dirty laundry, or food containers, put them in a sealed plastic bag and place them in the freezer for a day or two. The cold will kill the bacteria that cause smells.

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