Pros and Cons of Living in Canada

Canada is one of the best destinations for many foreign citizens looking for employment opportunities. It may be regarded as the first step for those who want to immigrate to the country permanently. This article will briefly describe the pros and cons of living in Canada, and we will also tell you the best Canada visa consultancy for you. 

Pros: Multicultural Society

Canada is where most people speak the same language as Britishers, Americans, and mainly Punjabis. Canada has developed its own identity; the culture is familiar and welcoming.

Cons: Fluctuating Climate

Despite the country’s inspiring natural beauty, the freezing winters may put you off. You may spend months enjoying heavy snows, shoveling driveways, and driving on dangerous and icy roads, but it may be disastrous.

Pros: Job Opportunity

Canada is one of the best destinations for many foreign citizens looking for employment opportunities. It may be regarded as the first step for those who want to immigrate to the country permanently. There are plenty of job opportunities in Canada as the unemployment rate is very low, which is one of the main reasons the Canadian Government welcomes immigrants worldwide. 

Cons: Expensive Place to Live

Canada is known for its standard of living and quality of life. It is considered one of the most liberal and progressive countries globally, where you can enjoy the exciting and energizing class. However, the cost of living is comparatively high in Canada. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are one of the most expensive cities in Canada, and the accommodation cost will shake your budget. 

Pros: Free Medical and Health Care Treatment

As soon as you become a permanent resident of Canada, you can access free health care benefits in Canada. 

Cons: Flights are Expensive

Flights are costly in Canada. One of the reasons for expensive flights is that the country doesn’t have many discounted airlines. 

Pros: Modern Metropolitan Living

People in Canada have modern and creative minds. The cities are spacious, well designed, and easy to get around.

The connectivity in the country is excellent, and an easy commute to work. You don’t have to go far outside the city to find a comfortable and affordable lifestyle in Canada.

Cons: The Value of the Canadian Dollar is very Low

Because of the high demand for USD, the Canadian dollar is currently low. The flow of money into Canadian dollars has been significantly reduced as a result of rising oil prices.

Pros: High-Quality Education

One of the most significant advantages of being a Canadian PR is that the Canadian Government provides free education for primary and secondary schooling to all children under 18.

Cons: Fees for Canada Visitor Visa is High 

For applying for a Canada Visa, the application fee per applicant is around CAD$100 or 5939.72 INR. At the same time, you will be charged CAD$85 or 5048.76 INR for submitting the biometrics. 

So these were the Pros and Cons of living in Canada. Now let us dive into the importance of the best consultancy.

  • A Visa consultant will guide you in understanding which visa program is best for you since every visa category is different.

  • Visa consultancy helps prepare visa applications professionally, which is very helpful in the immigration process. 

  • The best consultants will help verify your documents before submitting them to an agent.

  • Since consultants are working on your profile, they act as a representative of your application.

  • Visa consultants ensure that your application must be timely updated. 

So these are the reasons why you need a visa consultant. You can also apply for a visa without seeking help from any consultancy. But there are the chances of getting failed. There are other reasons why you should not go ahead with the Visa consultancy; they are: 

  • There’s a risk of a visa application being rejected

  • One can go wrong in the immigration procedure

  • It may be possible that you may find difficulty in choosing the right visa program for yourself

  • You may miss out on the deadlines for submission of the application

  • At times you may not be able to understand how to proceed if the application is not selected.

Moving to another country requires considerable time, patience, planning, and thorough research for the best Canada visa consultancy. It is now the time to choose Achintya Immigration Consultant, the best immigration consultant. They know how to handle multiple applications daily and offer transparency throughout the process to ensure applications are processed faster. 

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