Google Pays Tribute To The Godfather Of Espresso Machines

On June 6, Google paid homage to Angelo Moriondo, the 171st birthday of the godfather of espresso machines. The Google Doodle for the day depicts a cartoonish representation of the first espresso machine. Moriondo patented the multiple-cup espresso machine, which made it possible to serve more customers at a time. He believed that the invention would give him a competitive advantage.

A tribute to Angelo Moriondo is a fitting tribute to the man behind the espresso machine. In 1884, he showed off his new invention at the General Expo in Turin, Italy, and received a bronze medal for it. Read on to learn more about Moriondo, his inventions, and how they influenced coffee drinking in general.

A Tribute To Angelo Moriondo

Moriondo was born in Turin, Italy. He was born into an entrepreneurial family and was able to start his own liquor manufacturing company in his youth. He also founded the Moriondo and Galio chocolate company, which is still one of the world’s most popular sweets. In the early 1900s, Italy was the place to drink coffee, but it was not always an easy task. The Italians had to wait long hours to drink a cup of coffee. However, with the invention of the espresso machine, people could enjoy a cup of coffee at their leisure.

Moriondo purchased two establishments to make his espresso machine, including the Grand-Hotel Ligure in the Piazza Carlo Felice, and the American Bar in the Galleria Nazionale. He hoped to improve upon his original design by brewing more cups of coffee at one time, which would allow him to serve more customers faster. His machine won a bronze medal at the Turin General Expo, but he never made it into an industrial scale.

A Google doodle honoring the “godfather of espresso” has a coffee-themed design. Angelo Moriondo was born on June 6, 1851, in Turin, Italy. His father had founded a liquor company and passed it on to Angelo. Angelo’s father went on to build the Moriondo and Gariglio chocolate company. A doodle in honor of Angelo Moriondo’s 171st birthday was published on June 6, 2022.

Moriondo’s Espresso Machine

The Google Doodle features an artistic representation of the first espresso machine, which was created by Italian architect Angelo Moriondo. Moriondo, an Italian, was credited with patenting the earliest known espresso machine, which was invented in 1884. His machine used steam to mix with boiling water to produce espresso in less than five minutes. To this day, coffee lovers all over the world enjoy his invention.

Moriondo’s Death

Angelo Moriondo died on 31 May 1914 in Marentino, Turin, Italy. Moriondo’s father did not give out a specific cause of death, but it was most likely a stroke. Despite the lack of details, there are a few things we know about Moriondo. The first is that he was born in Piazza Carlo Felice, which is where he first began posting stripped-back ukulele covers. Her YouTube account currently boasts over three million subscribers.

His espresso machine was so revolutionary that it changed the world of coffee. It consisted of a large boiler that pushed hot water through a bed of coffee grounds. A second boiler produced steam, flashing the coffee bed. Moriondo was awarded a patent for his invention, and continued to improve it in the years that followed. Coffee lovers everywhere should pay tribute to Moriondo by purchasing one of his machines. They’re sure to become a staple in their kitchens.

Google Doodle

Angelo was born in Turin, Italy, to an entrepreneurial family. His grandfather owned a liquor production company.

The Google Doodle depicts a cup of coffee coming out of an espresso machine. It also shows that Moriondo is the inventor of espresso machines. His 171st birthday is June 6. Angelo Moriondo’s grandfather founded a liquor production company, and his father also started a chocolate company that became popular worldwide.

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