36 thoughts on “will.i.am – Scream & Shout (Remix) (Official Music Video)

  1. The eternal fire of the blood of God's children's heart beats of the world love you Melania love Bob gene Roger's 45 years old One powerful man I'm the chosen one of the lord

  2. Um… Is it the Next music now😕? we start listen the BOSS music…😡 i listen 1th now im listen 2th i dont know😨 how not sing in london? But, frist 1th sing in london 😎

  3. Eu tenho nunca na mynha vidda actualmente visto algø tanto maravilhouso qūe ésthe vídeo clippy musichal. Era de esperar-se por el qůe esthá a singüiear atraentemente éys 'o qůe nős jamays iremos olvidar-lhěs.

  4. إذا كنت وابن عمك مشاهدة القط 8 دقائق مع 12 ثانية متقدمة في mp4

  5. Leaders Lead Best When They Follow Another Leader. Remember they told be a follower WRONG. Much love your pal, I

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