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Where is your heart?
Can we beat this if we all
Tear the borders break the walls
Together as one
The cruel hand of a faithless destiny that never sleeps
The guiltless restraints assured by deceit, are we free?
Are we all alone?
If you’re gonna accuse me
Of pouring too much salt in the wound
We have just proved that
They can pollute our heads with the news
They will manipulate the masses again
If you’re gonna accuse me of telling you what you already knew
It’s the same song sung with a different truth
And all of us forget it cos our head’s inside the noose
They will manipulate the masses again, yeah we won’t forget it.
You better pray for absolution
You can change but you can’t deny
A new wave in a terror nation
Why do we ignore the warning signs?
Board it up, the borders are shut
The blood of the innocent is under the rug
White lies in a world corrupt
Are we too blind to see through honest eyes?
War will cease when we refuse to fight

Hope widows, shattered windows
Restriction without effect
Dead lines in silhouettes
Why do we ignore the warning signs
Cold calls to derelict homes
Needles at the side of the road
Wires and liars like thorns that won’t let go
Are we too blind to see through honest eyes?
War will cease when we refuse to fight
Tell me where is your heart?

I think the silence speaks volumes
Now we march to our drums
They’re only singing what they want to be sung
Hate’s become the new anthem
How could you? When did our veins run numb?
We treat our species like a fucking flood
Hate’s becoming our new anthem
The longer I live, I learn that we don’t belong
We’ve taken more than we can give
And you’d do better on your own
Are we all alone?
Tear the borders break the walls
Take us back to when we’re all together as one
Taught to love, born to live and let go

Cinematography by Tom Welsh
Directed by Tom Welsh & Taylor Fawcett

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20 thoughts on “While She Sleeps ft. Oli Sykes- Silence Speaks (Official Video)

  1. As if the song isn't already a top notch banger, the video for it is fucking amazing too

    I watch it at least once a week since it was released because holy shit, this is too good, I'm not over it yet

  2. The cringe is strong with these ones. Are they supposed to be tough? Rock? I probably would have listened to them more than 50 seconds, 15 years ago.

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