38 thoughts on “What is Creative Commons? Wanna Work Together RG Remix

  1. I've just got a question… If someone makes a remix to a real song, isn't it made creative commons? I'm new to all of this so….

  2. Nice Im uploading a lot of stock footage now under creative commons so you can all use my footage for mixing up for own youtube videos… Enjoy 😉

  3. If anyone is interested in pen and paper roleplaying games: the hard/firm scifi transhumanist horror game "Eclipse Phase" is under a CC by Posthuman Studios.

  4. Is it possible to put a CC BY-NC-ND license on your own original (as in only showing things created by the uploader) youtube video? ^^

  5. So what happens when you incorporate a song which is licensed under Creative Commons, in a video on YouTube? I've done this and the record company of the artist has filed a copyright notice. Now the record company supposedly owns the rights to my video and has put ads on it. I've disputed the claim, and it's still in "submitted" status. I guess the record company just has to ignore the dispute and their copyright claim will remain in effect indefinitely.

  6. I license all my work under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. You know why?
    If I made something, I deserve the credit, not someone else.
    If I made something, I don't want someone making money off of me.
    If I made something, I like it the way it is, so don't even change it.

  7. @artman40 No.

    When you upload to YouTube you are licensing use through YouTube.

    Copyrighted: various other youtube users can stream the video–whether it's anybody at all with access to YouTube, or only you, or any youtubers who are signed, in or only people listed as your friends in your YouTube account settings.

    Creative Commons: anyone can download the source from the MP4 that youtube creates (I hope) and do anything they want with it.

  8. @mrhyde1888 As far as I knew from licensing mine – reading the agreement – you deal with it the same as commercial use of any normal copyrighted work–i.e., get the copyright holder's permission and make any payments agreed by you to the copyright holder; the Creative Commons license, as a pro-forma document, only allows free use for other free users–e.g., dubbing the audio from a YouTube vid of someone in their study playing an instrument under a video-/slide-show of your vacation photo's.

  9. Watch out people, if you put your video liscence under C.C. anyone is able to go to the YouTube Editor and reupload your video, and I learned the hard way.
    DO NOT USE if you don't want people to reupload your videos you worked hard on.

  10. It's funny that sometimes when some one is taken down in their good standing position in Copyright, they're supposed to lose the unlisted and license features right?

    Well click on "My Videos", and TAKE A LOOK AT THE "ACTIONS" TAB!!

  11. Since this is a Creative commons video i want to invite you to my channel where you can find info on how to download my music for free. So visit if you like Pop(80ies style), Dance and Disco!

  12. @JuryDutySummons thanks again for answering. i also donated 20 or 10 euro to CC, i dont remember the exact price. hey if you are interested for free music check my channel too. everything there is for free.

  13. @AnimalsRightToDance Oh, I see. Well, I'm not sure on that… but I know Wikipedia Commons is under… well… CC 🙂 Mostly it's photos, but there might be a few things you could use.

  14. @AnimalsRightToDance I use soundcloud and jamendo – both sites have CC sections… but you'll need to dig a bit for them.

  15. i am still trying to find a big list with animation and videos under creative commons i can use for my music… does anyone know any websites? please drop a line!

  16. CC is one of the best licenses used in those hard 'patented' days. All that creativity free to all, who wants to take from it

  17. i like this i do not get paid for doing videos or images i sometimes use royalty free music on my videos.Most of the time i create my own…thanks…dan

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