WE TRIED KETO for 45 Days, Here’s What Happened


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50 thoughts on “WE TRIED KETO for 45 Days, Here's What Happened

  1. This one took a LONG time to put together, hope you enjoy and thanks for all the helpful tips regarding KETO. Let us know what you'd like us to tackle next…STAY BUFFFFFFF!

  2. It sounds like a clich'e which is why people ignore the expression: "Your metabolism changes as you age.". It really does. KETO may be a give/take diet when you are younger if you're active & stay in shape. However – as you age, some parts of your body begin to change substantially in the way sugar is handled and some people undergo such changes that KETO becomes a necessity to remain healthy where it was optional years earlier. The BRAIN is one of those organs that can lose it's ability to burn sugar as you get older. That leaves ONLY Keytones as a fuel source and if your body isn't supplying them – dimentia can grab hold. This is also why alcoholism rises as many people age. It's actually the body attempting to get keytones by breaking alcohol down. Side effects are not good (obviously) but supplementation with things like coconut oil (loaded with keytones) can fill the gap and studies done show amazing results – usually within a day or 2! So, in summary: You may see KETO as "optional now", but in 20+ years – you may be on it in order to maintain health in general. Good video.

  3. I'm doing IF 16/8, and keto right now. Hard the first 2 weeks, but finishing week 3 and am feeling 100% better! Really amazing how sugar is the enemy. No doubt about it. It is the reason so many people are overweight.
    Honestly, I think there should be a warning label on food with sugar. May cause addiction, diabetes, crashes, weight gain and so much more!

  4. If you want to enjoy keto and feel ftrsh you need to eat lots of raw veggies, I love myself a feta salad, I even eat tomato and a little bit of bell pepper as it can get a little too heavy if you only eat fat and protein…

  5. if you're losing weight and you can't eat anymore start making raw kefir. stuff will pack on the lbs if you drink a couple cups. Really kicks you up too. I'm surprised you had to stick to so little carbs with your activity level i would have thought you could get away with up to 50 carbs a day (unlike most folks).

  6. Despite so many YouTube fitness channels trying out and/or talking about Keto,
    I RARELY see any of them talk about their experience regarding changes in their blood (cholesterol and triglyceride levels etc.), before and after Keto.

  7. You and your brother are the only 2 that i feel like i can say are natural bodybuilders. You guys know so much and are very helpful. You guys should advertise your fitness programs more. I dont hear your vegan or keto or diet things to often in your videos. I feel like your missing an opportunity, I know im interested in your programs.

  8. Pussies.
    I just saw Shawn Baker talking about you so I thought I'd check it out.
    "TOO HARD!" "Not sustainable."
    You want some cheese with that whine?
    You called keto "hard core".
    I'm 65, went carnivore in June and it's the easiest thing I've ever done.
    Yeah I'll "cheat" occasionally but for the most part
    Bacon & eggs SOME DAYS
    followed by either hamburger or steak.
    That green stuff you were eating is what MY food eats.
    In a little less than 6 months, lost over 50 pounds – yes I was a fat ass.
    Getting a physical next week and looking forward to having a conversation with my
    AMA "calories in – calories out" internist.
    See ya at the beach boys!

  9. The carnivore diet is just like the steak and egg diet. Body builders have been doing this for years. The Plains Indians ate mostly Bison and fish and they were very healthy. The Spartans were also mostly wild game eaters and they were known to even water down their wine.

  10. I've was keto for 6 months then I went to straight carnivore. 0 carb. I went from 260 lbs to 203 lbs. I'm 6'1. I feel great, look great and I have more energy than ever. When I was in the military I was 208 lbs and I never looks this good. I would've stayed in the military had I had the knowledge I have now. Carnivore is my lifestyle now

  11. I believe if you're trying to gain weight and muscle, you can do it efficiently on keto. Myself, I have 7% to 8% max net carbs per day, over 30% protein, and rest fat. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no maltodextrin. And creatine daily. One day my brother noticed that I'm starting to get ripped a little, and I gained 6 1/2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks. Now, to buy keto test strips, to prove I'm doing it on keto.

  12. I really need to start bringing a couple of bench press bars with weights to the park.. I don’t think dumbbells are big enough…

  13. I did keto to lose 60 lbs after losing 40lbs doing raw vegan for a few months (so 100 total). I was super lazy keto (I cant live without plan baked potatoes, rice, or fruit so I would take a day of the week and eat nothing but those delicious carbs…it was the only was to stay sane). I was probably never in ketosis since I went over on carbs a little on most days, but I lost the weight so I didn’t care.

    I need carbs. That’s what I learned. Seriously. One of my favorite snacks is a room temp baked potato with ketchup. I’m easy. 😂

    I always wondered why they put sugar in so much stuff..you don’t need it in pasta sauce! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. My adaptation to keto was easy and took one week. Meats, dairy, and healthy fats are so very satisfying and succulent. Ketones are great! Almost 2 years keto and still going!! NO, your calories go up if anything because the fat is higher calories than carbs. People – humans do not require any carbs. They are Non-essential. Meats and Healthy Fats are Essential – meaning you can't live without them. Why waste time and money eating food you do not need? Y'all are still addicted to sugar.

  15. It takes about 45 days for most carb-eaters to fully re-adapt* to using fat over carbs so you can't truly experience the benefits of keto until after that point.

    *If a pregnant woman is ketogenic then her baby will be as well; otherwise, the baby will enter ketosis soon after birth and remain so as long as it is breast fed, even if the feeding mother is not ketogenic.

    Buff Luscious Locks: Any greasy feeling you had could have been from the butter and the oils from the nuts and vegetables you were eating. If you cooked more meats in their own fat you shouldn't feel as greasy, especially if you got a good propane stove-top/grill for cooking.

    It looks like you were still eating too many carbs throughout the diet especially when you started eating the cakes and pizzas as nuts and almond flour still have a fair amount of carbs in them. Each time you dropped out of keto sabotaged your progress towards becoming fully re-fat-adapted.

    BUFF BROS: The fatigue and muscle loss you both experienced was most likely caused by protein deficiency. You both may have been eating enough protein but your bodies probably still weren't used to digesting fat and weren't getting all of your calories from that. Both of you probably should have been consuming 5-10% more calories than your previous diet.

    If your urine ever looked milky like there were a bunch of super tiny bubbles in it or if you were constipated and your stool was kind of chalky and/or a light brown color like khaki then you were excreting fat. To make up for it your bodies broke down muscle to process into glucose through gluconeogenesis.

    The government recommended low-fat diet limits the gallbladder's release of bile, which is used to imulsify/breakdown fat for absorption. Inactivity can make the bile harden into gallstones that can become severe enough that the gallbladder has to be surgically removed. If your gallbladder is removed then the bile, which the liver produces, constantly drips into your small intestine and can cause digestive issues in addition to permanently reducing your ability to digest fat.

    There aren't really any "healthy" carbs as all of them cause an increase in insulin and therefore insulin resistance, which causes diabetes. Dementia has been re-classified as Type 3 Diabetes so, ultimately, even the 5% carb intake of a keto diet might not be worth it.

    Even fiber is more harmful than helpful as it dilutes your stomach acids so it is more difficult to digest protein and too much fiber can cause numerous health issues. Fiber slows glucose absorption so it does delay insulin resistance build-up; however, sugar is the only food that some cancers and harmful bacteria can use so you can limit or prevent their growth by limiting your intake of carbs as all carbs are broken down into sugar. No wonder carbs are so addictive, huh?

    Unfortunately, in the two weeks later part both of you had noticably more unnecessary fat so I really hope you both will give keto another, longer go.

  16. Weird.

    Maybe because I wasn't starting with an aim to maintain or gain muscle (Caloric Deficit) I found that I just usually, like, added a tablespoon of olive oil to my scrambled eggs, made a greek salad which uses olive oil anyways, maybe popped an avocado into a BLT salad with some mayo, mustard and a bit of unsweetened tomato paste, or just getting some Better than Bouillon, sauteing up a bit of meat, a bunch of veggies and adding seasoning and another tablespoon of olive oil then storing it until work where I just add water, stir and microwave.

    So I never felt like I was "greasy" but was still hitting the 70~% macro levels.

  17. Great video, I just wanted to do a little self promo (I know, how selfish!), but I started this group on facebook for people that are interested in having a healthy diet, where everyone can share their ideas, recipes, and experiences… etc. So if you want to join a group to constantly get some diet tips, tasty recipes, and just communicate with, check out this group and be sure to share your experiences with the rest 🙂


  18. Once a guy approached me with a "will work for carbs" sign and I said, "ok meet me at the store and I'll buy you some carbs". He said if I can just get the money it will he easier. I took a chance and gave him money and a day later I caught him free basing chicken McNuggets and booting black tar honey. Needless to say he wasn't in ketosis

  19. Keto works…but only for a while. Once you cut junk food(sugar laden ) you are going to feel much better. Insulin goes down simply because you cut down almost all carbs, your body goes into hypersensitivity to carbs(high blood-sugar)because the body no longer produces insulin..so diabetes can be a result. Then come all the other longer term problems of cardiovascular degradation .

  20. Great video! Appreciate the time. We’ve been keto for too years… great benefits but now that I’m getting into bodybuilding I’m off, love my healthy carbs!

  21. I started with keto but after time I slowly moved to 40% protein and 60 to 55% fat. It differently helped me gain muscle and lose fat but just slower. I'm very happy with my progress but I know I can get slimmer faster if I was doing full keto.

  22. The video implies it took you 25 days to get into ketosis..is that accurate? I figure as much as you guys work out it would have been within a week or so.

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