🔥 WE ARE FURY feat. RUNN – Memories (Hahlweg Remix)
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source: https://keshadaily.com

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26 thoughts on “WE ARE FURY feat. RUNN – Memories (Hahlweg Remix)

  1. Can't beleive that. So amazing.
    No lo puedo creer, es estupendo.
    J'peux pas y croire, c formidable.
    M'pa ka kwè, sa twó fre.

  2. Comment from Trap Nation;
    "What's the saddest thing you experienced"

    Me: gets emotional

    Trap nation: "have a…
    Nvm i f*cked up… go enjoy this song

  3. if your not heart broken, listen to this song and u will be heart broken >.>
    but seriously.. that voice and the lyrics just perfect ♥

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