5 thoughts on “Unboxing of Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden

  1. Also, I bought it from kickstarter.
    I tested it, Lave pot(Littel star) start spining too fast clockwise like your moss.
    Spining speed is 1.2~1.5 times per sec. @[email protected] It like a tornado.
    I want to stop spinning
    I tested 40-minute. Now Energy base heated about 50~55C(130F).
    And Lave pot could not levitate any more.
    I spent 280USD for this subpar quality product.
    I was very disappointed.

  2. Looks supper awesome! Can I ask which country you reside in and what is your backer number? I am hoping to get mine before mid October for my girlfriend's surprise birthday gift, but Air Bonsai Team has yet to reply me

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