So, I remember the moment when U Got 45’d hasn’t turned one week old yet and people managed to do 30 MIN or 1 HOUR Challenge out of it, I’m quite impressed.

However, have yourselves an extended version, which I HOPE is pretty much included from both Allies and Axis (likely much is missing).

Here’s my very short and first version of U Got 45’d:

Oh yeah, gotta mention that again… Very straight parody out of this insta-vid from hollow_pineapple:

Programs used:
-Adobe After Effects CC 2017
-Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Music used:
-Halogen – U Got That

Follow Halogen’s official at SoundCloud!

⨂ I do not own the music but credits given, using it only for funs and not for e.g. profits or any illegal intentions.

This video is made just for historical purposes.


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22 thoughts on “U Got 45’d | EXTENDED REMAKE EDITION

  1. 1.) In case someone wonders who's at 0:34 and yes it's Poland, but as a Polandball meme by making the flag upside down (no idea at all I'll just follow that concept then).

    2.) Also, can you fellas help me list every country from this vid, this would help many folks to recognize them better.

    Thanks in advance have a cool Summer~

  2. This can't be right. We all know that the Axis won because the US was too busy capturing Iwo Jima and Papua New Guinea.

  3. At the beggining…
    Germany: LETS WIN DIS WAR!
    Germany: mein gott
    Soviet army literally dancing in front of german soilder

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