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Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump can suck my dick.

Here we have a compilation of clips as an example of just what the Clarkson/Hammond/May iteration of Top Gear got away with. Crude humor like this is part of what made the show so appealing to myself and many others (though Hammond’s Mexican bit, in my opinion, went beyond the line of good taste).

This compliation is… by no means complete. There’s plenty more footage like this.

Seeing presenters completely unleashed and mostly unfiltered is great. (Alt-right circle jerks in the comments section are not.) 🙂


source: https://keshadaily.com

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49 thoughts on “Top Gear: The Most Offensive Clips… In The World.

  1. Most of the jokes are from a time not long ago when you could get away with saying those things, if you Watch the grand tour you can tell there's a team of people watching that they don't offend anyone anymore


  2. No my US friends,THIS is British humour at its best…


    Clarkson et all, are and were – complete dicks.

  3. I’m part German and I don’t find any of these clips offensive. I find them incredibly hilarious since their not doing harm..

  4. And they call us American offensive. God I love these guys. Haven’t watched a single episode since they left… well, I mean Clarkson got fired, but that’s besides the point XD

  5. People on both sides need to stop acting like the word "offensive" is inherently bad. Humour especially during that era was meant to be "offensive" or pushing the boundaries. It's what made shows like family guy and south park popular when they began as they did jokes that were pushing a boundary at least at that time.

  6. Funniest thing is the things they said where like 5 10 years ago so that was kinda normal now tho they would be getting a bunch of hate

  7. Me man. Me like car. Me watch Top Gear. Clarkson humour very sophisticated ha ha ha. Me no like foreigner. Except when work hard make car. Me vote Leave despite the fact that it'll decimate the UK car industry and make foreign imports unaffordable. Me retard.

  8. when people do not understand humour its what makes the Brits different from all, its there culture and nothing wrong with it, its just fun ffs now lets talk about that lefty jo brand with the acid joke, that was to far.

  9. Typical racist Brits. They need to work on fixing up their own dirty country. London is the sewer of the west. A racist, loud, obnoxious, arrogant and ugly group of drunk idiots with decaying teeth.

  10. Less than 20 days after this video of three Brits spending 6 and a half minutes slagging off every other country in the world was uploaded, Britain voted to leave the EU… coincidence?

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