British travel group Thomas Cook Plc declared bankruptcy on Monday after talks with creditors failed. The 179-year-old travel provider was seeking #250 million from private investors to save the collapse. Around 150,000 British citizens were left stranded overseas. However, Thomas Cook India chairman Madhavan Menon clarified that the UK group is different from India. Despite the clarification, shares of Thomas Cook India fell 7.2% on Tuesday.


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12 thoughts on “Thomas Cook declares bankruptcy, India chairman says UK group a separate entity

  1. “India Chairman”

    Tells you everything you need to know about Thomas Cook’s situation. 🚫👳🏾‍♂️💩

  2. Seize that mans passport and put him on house arrest till you can sell off all his assets. Bankrupt doesn't mean he hasn't hidden a small fortune or that he is broke at all. Or let everybody negatively involved get their pound of flesh from him.

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