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The Mighty Nein find a stowaway on the Squalleater, who carries a mysterious item that holds dangerous consequences for the curious…

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37 thoughts on “The Stowaway | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 45

  1. I just picture Nott and Twiggy screaming as their legs are flying around the cabinet and everyone else is like "Eh, they got it, I think if we try this book over here…"

  2. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

    0:05 Travis is really left hanging

    2:05 Sam’s GIF theatre

    10:55 Episode Starts

    14:05 Fjord is actually good at sailing

    15:15 Nott fumbles through making explosives

    21:00 We’re definitely talking about Fjord

    26:00 Scaring out the stowaway

    27:05 The Stowaway

    29:40 Trixie

    33:00 You want pinhead? This is how you get pinhead

    34:20 Anime eyes

    36:05 Playing with the ball

    37:40 Twiggy’s box

    39:25 Sharing best friends

    40:25 Twiggy meets the party

    46:10 Jester shares her expertise

    47:05 Happy fun ball

    55:45 Twiggy’s hideous laughter

    1:01:45 Everyone loves Twiggy

    1:02:35 New name

    1:09:00 Orly is not amused

    1:11:00 A talking squirrel

    1:13:50 Twiggy and Frumpkin

    1:24:00 Kiss of death

    1:26:15 Exploring the hole

    1:32:20 They all retroactively have stopwatches

    1:33:55 Oh god, what happened to Beau

    1:35:00 A mystical watermark

    1:39:45 The horrors of the ball

    1:46:20 Break Starts

    1:58:15 Art Montage

    2:04:00 Break Ends

    2:07:20 First map is out

    2:15:20 Fjord is thicc, we all know it

    2:18:20 Matt cut off her hand in Force Grey, it was cool

    2:21:40 She’s like Nott, but better

    2:25:25Nott and Jester worry about job security

    2:27:25 Send Twiggy ahead

    2:38:00 The second visual reference

    2:46:20 Fjord touches it

    2:51:05 A super weird battle

    3:03:35 HDYWTDT

    3:16:40 The time to be bold

    3:23:05 Blue eyes blue dragon

    3:32:05 The dragon’s map

    3:42:40 The panic sets in

    3:45:35 Matt making some strong assumptions about Beau

    3:49:35 Manly screams

    3:52:55 An attempted disguise

    4:04:30 Fjord headbutts a magic crystal

    4:08:15 Casting invisibility

    4:27:35 Caduceus confirms it’s bad

    4:41:05 Twiggy’s betrayal

    4:45:25 Sam is stone cold

    4:46:35 HDYWTDT

    4:50:50 That’s why Matt’s the best DM

    4:54:40 Sorry that I was Beau

    4:55:35 The character moments begin

    5:01:55 Episode Ends

    Between Twitch and Youtube, live viewership of this episode peaked around 58,000 people. The in-game start date for the episode was the 13th of Duscar 835. Sam’s flask says “We’re gonna need a bigger flask”

    Congrats to Ashley and Brian on their engagement. May their union always be turnt.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  3. "i run towards the exit" "are you disengaging?" "no" has the same but opposite energy to "i cast counterspell" "what level" "nine" sam riegel cares so much about his friends and their characters. i know he goofs around a lot but he has so much emotional energy just waiting to be released

    so glad we're continuing with the whole "guest gets the killing blow" thing, 99999999999/10

  5. "I will… run towards the exit"
    "Are you disengagin-"

    Man, without any hesitation and said with finality, Sam watches out for his teammates once again. This is something I've really grown to admire about him, when he takes the blow for his teammates, he goes full bore without regret. And he's really lucked out in those moments too

  6. It’s moments like this that solidify party bonds. You can really feel everything come to a head. Sure, Sam as a player made an amazing play, but it shows just how far Nott has come. “No Comma” Nott purposefully drew the attack of a dragon to himself to keep its attention away from Jester. We’ve seen how selfless Nott can be with Caleb, but she’s really starting to care about the party.

  7. 4:46:50 is what DnD is about right there… Huge party focused play by Nott followed by a clutch roll to raucous celebration at the table

    i LOVE how when he decided the dragon would strike at jester because she's been more of a threat than nott, he's visibly excited that he rolled poorly, knowing it would have killed her, and then responds with "we're not out of the woods yet" because he's more invested in the players than the story he's creating and is rooting for them

  9. Little rant, love CR and players had some issues in past in campaign 1 and 2, but now i hate how Taliesin is playing. His eyerolls on each perception checks others do, because its not him, his metagaming with sacred flame on crystal, and constantly trying to be smart when he is not, ugh i hate it more than Keyleth spells ignorance or emo Vax

  10. I can't lie I really hate jester. Not Laura obviously. She plays the character well. But jester is just the most annoying person on earth. I mean godamn she showed the scary beacon thing to a random. Or the amount of times she got the group in trouble by screaming for no reason.

  11. 20:40 Why don’t nott and bo talk in thieves cant. They are the only 2 who know it and it’s Disguised in regular talking so they wouldn’t randomly start talking in a different language in front of everyone. It would be pretty smart and they could do it often if they are gonna pair up as the thieves.

  12. Caleb denied Fjord the advantage to retrieve the gift from his Patron in the water race with Avantica by stalling him. Fjord pays him back by forcing him to leave a magical library.

  13. Am I the only one who thought that they had somehow broken the game and ended up in the DM’s in-game lair……(I only thought that for a few minutes though)

    How flipping awesome would it be if they (M9) met an actual in-game Mat? Besides the regular NPCs, of course.

    Probably will never happen but it’s a fun thought!

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