32 thoughts on “The Gaslight Anthem – "45" (Official Video)

  1. You need a band tattoo BM! Guesslight? Have you seen my brain?have you seen how it bleeds? The tick tickin of i alley. Side B!Catch you on the flipsyde…the better sleep is A/S aaliyah the black p….Brian…one of many….

  2. One of the best songs ever written. Same vibe as Mr. Brightside or Bohemian Rhapsody: once you have heard them, you know they are different.

  3. Have you seen my hands
    Just look at 'em shake
    And the song just keeps on repeating
    Drop the needle again
    And I dance with your ghost
    Oh, but that ain't the way
    I can't move on and I can't stay the same

    Drew McDonald- Gaslight will be forever “ours” I miss you. You will always be with me, I’ll never forget you. Rest In Peace 💚🐼🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  4. I found this song when I was in my senior year of high school which was last year haha. I always sat in a Taco Bell waiting for the time to come to walk to school. The staff made me feel welcome and always knew what I wanted. There was a homeless guy that hung out there everyday and Everytime I was there, I would offer to get him something. It was the best way to start my school mornings. Everytime I hear this song it brings me back and makes me happy. Thank you 💕

  5. These guys are really cool and if u walk with them down the sunset strip in Vegas it's even More awesome,🙏👏👏👏👍🍻😆😁🎼🎤🎵🎸

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