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FANTABULOUS – Now on all streaming platforms!

Fantabulous, the album by KP Kev the Poet.
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KP Kev the Poet is a rapper, poet, singer, writer and producer from London, England currently residing in Bristol.
He made a name for himself in both the free parties / squat parties and some of Englands biggest festivals performing live, poetry, hip-hop and more recently soul and reggae. He did not release alot of music officially on iTunes and streaming platforms, just one project Manifest Light with J Rokka, although his Bandcamp page is full of projects and mixtapes. Due to dedicating this period of his life to eco activism and squatting with activists studio time to get tracks mixed and mastered was expensive and scarce.
During this time he was knighted a bard of a Druid Order in Stonehenge on a Spring Equinox and became known for his interest in all forms of spirituality. Thus he dedicated this period of his life to eco activism, anti-war activism and following the flow of synchronicity. This led to gigs with Dub Revolution and the hang drum player Daniel Waples at international festivals and hosting stages at Glastonbury.
Finally acclimatising to more stability, also with technology bringing the price of studio equipment down and with the experience of over ten years of performing and recording he has a work of art he feels worthy of releasing on all major streaming platforms.
Fantabulous is a celebration of the journey described above.

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