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In which John Green teaches you about the United States as it was in the 1990s. You’ll remember from last week that the old-school Republican George H.W. Bush had lost the 1992 presidential election to a young upstart Democrat from Arkansas named Bill Clinton. Clinton was a bit of a dark horse candidate, having survived a sex scandal during the election, but a third party run by Ross Perot split the vote, and Clinton was inaugurated in 1993. John will teach you about Clinton’s foreign policy agenda, which included NATO action in the Balkans and the Oslo Accords between Israel and the PLO. He’ll also cover some of the domestic successes and failures of the Clinton years, including the failed attempt at healthcare reform, the pretty terrible record on GLBTQ issues, Welfare reform, which got mixed reviews, and the happier issues like the huge improvements in the economy. Also computers. Cheap, effective, readily available computers came along in the 1990s and they kind of changed the world, culminating in this video, which is the end of the internet. Until next week.

Hey teachers and students – Check out CommonLit’s free collection of reading passages and curriculum resources to learn more about the events of this episode. One of the largest criticisms against President Clinton’s presidency was his inaction during the genocide in Rwanda which he comments on in his Remarks on the Rwandan Genocide:
First Lady Hillary Clinton had some foreign affairs success of her own when she delivered her 1995 speech to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women stating that women’s rights are human rights:


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46 thoughts on “The Clinton Years, or the 1990s: Crash Course US History #45

  1. And no mention of Hillary's emails or Obama's birth certificate? This channel is so politically biased… it's borderline fake.

  2. Net assets for black families being 5400 could just be accounted for by less home equity and maybe having more children, and earlier. That 5400 will be over 87000 probably, when measured 10-20 years later (once the kid(s) move out and they pay off their car(s) and have more home equity).

    That must suck though. If I was black and I lived in America and had a net value of 5400 I would be very upset. I would probably go back to the motherland in Africa…

    Where almost nobody had running water, reliable and modern medicine, or electricity.

    …or money.

    …or food.

    And where there was constant warfare…

    …involving children.

  3. I would have guessed the mystery quote thing was Al Gore (since he invented the LIVING HECK out of the internet) but the language was too complex and and lengthy… And also it didn't talk about inconvenient environments.

  4. Did they mention that Clinton was the first president since LBJ to have a balanced budget? We had four in a row because of his work with Congress.

  5. I'm a student Economic History and I have to write a book review. Anybody knows any good history books on the 90s economy?

  6. Clinton: Got Impeached for lying about having an affair
    Trump: Hasn't been Impeached for legit sabotaging the 2016 election
    (I'm not a democrat, just thought it was worth mentioning)

  7. somewhat biased but Bill Clinton was a good President. yeah maybe his presidency timed itself perfect to take the benefits of technological advancement and globalization but that does not take anything away from him.

  8. I came of age in the 1990s. And I really really miss the 90s. Not so I can be a teenager again. I just miss everything about it.

  9. You forgot the peace treaty in Northern Ireland. I'm thinking you should return your degree. And I wish that you would learn that Social Security is self funded and has no effect on the budget.

  10. Did he just refer to 9/11 during the Clinton era? … Because that was Bush Jr. who was president at that time.

    Also, the Internet and search engines were around a recognizable form by 1990 and started to gain more traction and mainstream/layman usage via dial-up connections by 1992 and more modern "high-speed" connections were becoming more available to layman households by 1998. There were no apps as we see them today, but there was a world wide web just as the 1990s started up at the turn of the decade. It was slower to access, and took up your phone line, but it was still there. You could say that the Internet started to grow more with households ever since Windows 3.0.

    And yes… we got work done without computers. You do not need them to survive and do work. It is just slower and you actually have to think on your own and for yourself. 😛😆

  11. clinton was apart of the iran contra incident when he was governor of arkansas. the cia used the mena airport to drop off the cocaine. when he became president he was able to pardon his co-conspirators oliver north & bush sr.

  12. So tired of people lying about Clinton's impeachment and making it into a joke about sex. He had a woman lie for him during depositions for sexual assaults. You also left out the stuff about him stealing money through scams and then pardoning his accomplices and basically destroying Haiti and Somalia

  13. 15:15 "Allows you to pay, so that we can keep it free for everyone forever"?
    Help me here, isn't that a complete contradiction?
    Oh well…… if Bill can claim that a BJ isn't sexual relations, then I guess a bunch of people paying so that it can be free for everyone forever just isn't that big a leap.

  14. Am i the only one who thinks it's crazy that clinton got impeached for lying about a sexual relation he had, yet trump can lie about relations with stormy daniels, have several sexual assault allegations (even before he become president) and not get impeached?

    I guess trump has the best insurance plan in pence. No one wants him as president

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