21 thoughts on “tập cho bé khỉ mynu đứng và đi bằng hai chân

  1. Monkey mums just bite the babys hands, if they dont behave! !!!!…when you have a pet monkey dont want to behave (monkey language ) make one hand real pain!!!! Thats what happend. …and its right!!!!

  2. Why are you teasing him with his food that's terrible. Voice of yours is not nice towards him. What's going on with his arm and shoulder and then you need to take him to a veterinarian. What you guys do. I'm going to use them you can tell he's not happy with you I don't know why you guys take these baby monkey is and then you guys abused them. You don't take care of them properly. It is Disgusting how you mistreated baby monkeys

  3. He seems to be afraid of the bottle she probably broke his hand when he tried to get it so now he wont go near it. Please take this person off of the internet and Please take all of her animals and give them to loving kind people who will treat them with respect and kindness PLEASE…😢😢😢💔

  4. Esses bebês são muitos bem cuidados cheio de mimos por isso eu acho que deve ensinar pois eles são capazes muito inteligentes ensinar não é mal tratos parabéns!!!pra vcs q.cuidam desses bebês 😘

  5. Вот такие ущербные люди , утверждаются , пиарятся за счёт бессловесных , несчастных существ . Эта кроха не может же дать сдачи , а эта тварь пользуется . Сидит някает . Что готовит в цирк на представление ? В ветеринарку сноси , что то с лапкой , гоняет по кругу . Мразь , иначе не скажешь .

  6. Dont make that baby beg for food. God does anybody make you beg for yours? Cruel. Jast another baby being exploited for money and hes hurt besides. I watch Nui and how much she is loved. These people in it for the $$$ piss me off so bad. Wish they were all tied up and treated the way the babies are.


  8. The monkey is very scare and he have learned to obey. That is no respect about every animal or plant or persons condition. Everything is about surviving, that is what you thing is love and devotion. But be sure IT ISN'T!!! What are trying to prove? You want a toy, a pet or what? The monkeys are wild animals, why do you try to domisticate them??!! It is not normal

  9. You all have hurt his left shoulder or arm!! We have eyes! I've never seen such cruel people in my life!! Has anyone noticed that he hasn't gone for the bottle? I don't think he likes it.

  10. Dose she really think she's being good to this poor baby by feeding him off a spoon??? Why is he holding his left arm he's not using it!!!! What has she done to him??? Horrible woman, the sooner he grows up and bites her good and proper the best, get out of there baby as soon as you get the chance. Bless you baby God protect him please

  11. Why do you make him do tricks for the food feed him like you would your child but actually please please please don't have kids. You ned to learn how to be a nurturing mother as its obvious the maternal instincts are non existent perhaps read a book or listen to yourself how you speak to him and perhaps you will see that babies need warmth and understanding. He needs to be loved and you don't show him any real love its so scripted and forced.

  12. You couldn’t pay me to watch this. Listening to this woman barking orders at the monkey. Is like nails to a chalk board!!

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