Cast: Allie (Me), Taro (Senpai), Budo, Osana, Ayano, Mija, Mindslave, Micheala laws, Yandere Kun, Asu, Hanako (Sister), Headmaster, Mida, Yandere Dev, Medori. (All I remeber as yandere charters) Song: ‘Sweet but pyscho” Vocie: “Anti nightcore” Game: “Yandere simultor” Mini movie yandere simulator gacha form I made: “How the story goes ep 1” Reason made video: “Felt bored and thought of this song and yandere simulator I hopped on my laptop, And got the song audio from my Ipad, and did this!” Top 5 yandere simulator ships: Budo x Ayano, Taro x Osana, Mida x Headmaster, Mija x Mindslave, Yandere Dev x Medori
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