25 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Episode 45: Men in Green

  1. When I was 10 or something, I hated Slimy Spring. I thought being underwater was stupid and the song was way too repetitive.
    I retract my statement though….

  2. whomp's helpers in the game, i always called them whimps also without researching it but that's mainly because I thought they were smaller and weaker versions of whomps

  3. I'm glad Melty Monster music made it to smash but talking about SMG2, the potential of that galaxy got super nerfed with that rock star, i wanted more lava, not rock

  4. Wait why did you eat a goldfish??? I'm really confused and sad about the poor goldfish, didn't realize people are them..

  5. Emile The Beach Boys are so acclaimed because they were secretly genius, even though they made cheesy surf music. Listen to Good Vibrations, it’s like a symphony in three minutes!

  6. I'd like to add a bit to Chugga's analysis of SM64's stars kicking you out of the level: Not all of them even do that. When you collect a secret star (I believe the cap stars count for this, among others) or a 100 coin star, the game lets you continue playing the level. This is particularly convenient because collecting 100 coins tend to be time-consuming and inconvenient, and it often means you want to collect the red coin star in the same mission for the sake of efficiency.

  7. While Luigi gets the green stars, Mario and Peach are having "cake" in that room on the ship and possibly eating cake too.

  8. The lyrics are "and we'll have fun fun fun now that daddy took the T-bird away"
    Beach Boys were actually my very first concert! Little preschool me was standing on the seat singing every song and I knew them all because I followed my late grandpa like a duckling. I know they're not everyone's taste though, so no worries.

  9. 13:00 put it in 0.25x speed here. you can see that luigi plummets straight down at first but when he gets close he B-lines in what looks a 45 degree angle stright for the star. does the homing ground pound have a limited range that goes into effect when you're close enough or is this how it paths the homing?

  10. I remember younger me being like WAT when I went to some of these green star locations and nothing being there because I didn't know green stars were in 2

  11. Can you really say that it's no fault of your own if you know that the spin can bonk on walls and do it anyway? It doesn't feel like an unintended mechanic It's just like when you long jump into a wall and bonk, being punished for being careless with your gameplay mechanics. It's a subjective thing, but that's my take at least.

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