Suge (Remix) – Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez (LYRICS AND REVIEWS)
Rating: 8.7/10
Vocals: 9/10
Beat: 9/10
Message: 8/10
Personal Review: Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez squash beef on there new track together, a remix of DaBaby’s hit, Suge. Obviously to analyze this track you gotta look at the talent behind it with Joyner and Tory, as well as the ridiculous bars that went into. They followed a similar flow by spitting quick only to get faster and faster throughout there verses. My only problems with the song; it’s soooooo long and there’s no chorus. I got bored halfway through it because it was just dragging on for forever but don’t get me wrong, still a banger. Make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more content every day.

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30 thoughts on “Suge (Remix) – Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez (LYRICS AND REVIEWS)

  1. After 5 hours of slowing down the speed of the video, I can finally rap this entire song at full speed perfectly. Sign me Eminem

  2. 3:10 hittin long as dread on Spectacular’s hair . A member of Pretty Ricky. 5:11 Lil bitch type Thick not dick lol. 5:51 hired somebody to fire the jet up.

  3. Listen to “backwards” by joyner. He freestyles then repeats his freestyle backwards but he has to make it make sense. AND HE DID

  4. Who dare him say he's better than Joyner? God, his bars are just a bunch of words together and awkward sounds mixed with the production, and his voice is so annoying.

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