34 thoughts on “Stars On 45 – Stars On 45 (The Original Version)

  1. To be honest, I hated this song for a couple reasons. 1: I hated anything disco-ey. 2: This came out shortly after John Lennon’s assassination so it seemed to me, even as a snotty first grader, that it was just exploiting a Beatle’s demise. 38 years later, I was just here to see if I still hated it as much as I did back then. Yep. Still do.

  2. The '80s and '70s for that fact were so simple, kids were not killing each other in schools, sports personalities weren't complaining, music didn't have 4 letter words, life was simpler and we had just a good a time.

  3. Rien de plus bon! un ancien et très bon disco ,après le petit déjeuner , ça met du boum pour une bonne journée a tous !!!

  4. 1997 meu pai botava uma fita (preta, com faixa vermelha e branca) e ficava cantando em "inglês"… era muito engraçado… The best music

  5. Brilliant i used to play this years ago DJ'ing in England and i'm doing a wedding this saturday in Australia!! and the Bride has requested this great memories..!!

  6. My first GF and I listened to this all the time on my car stereo in the Souris Valley grounds in the 80's in Weyburn SK!!

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