See the whole flight from Singapore to New York Newark on SQ22. It s the longest commercial passenger flight of the world, operated by an all-business-class Airbus A340-500. From Changi to New York the flight time was about 18hours. As we wanted to depart we had a technical problem with the TCAS, so we went to the gate again, waited there about three hours to depart again. We then got a new routing, directly going over the northpole. See the whole flight – PAssenger announcements, Takeoff, climb, descent, Landing, all the meals, the business-class of Singapore Airlines, window-views and all the atmosphere this memorable flight had…. Enjoy!

Aircraft was A340-500, 9V-SGE
Video taped from Seat 16K
on JUly 29th (2010)
Takeoff Runway in Changi RWY20R
Landing Runway in Newark R4R


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46 thoughts on “SQ22: From Singapore to New York – Longest NONSTOP commercial passenger flight with Airbus A340-500

  1. I can not believe this guy put this boring video of taxiing for over 40 minutes on You Tube.
    Next time, please, edit these type of videos!

  2. I've flown in every modern jumbo of the last 50 years except the 787 and the A350. Of the ones I've flown I found the A340 the least comfortable and least enjoyable. It was Emirates from Johannesburg to Dubai…about 8 hours IIRC.

  3. My longest flight ( 1962 ) was between Hollandia – Amsterdam by KLM in a DC-8 during 29 hours …..
    Route = Hollandia – Biak – Tokyo – Alaska – Amsterdam …….

  4. Hi thanks for the joy of being with you in your time, I love flying New Zealand to Australia, Hawaii and America. 9 and 1/2 hours, but thats enough. You have given me the joy again of being in te "Airbus", love flying. Do you get up many times to stretch your legs for health reasons ?Thanks.Wayne

  5. 18hrs. non-stop flight. Am surprised how passengers don't lose their mind. I go crazy been confined in a cabin that cannot open windows for that long. I'd rather walk.

  6. I can see how they made this long flight bearable, by overfeeding the heck out of the passengers. After a three-course lunch I'd crash for 5 hours even if the wing was on fire. Why this guy ordered red wine with seafood and white wine with beef is beyond me. James Bond would be so ashamed.

  7. They stopped flying this but then in November last year they started it again. They now fly an A350-900 on this route because the A340's arent as fuel efficient.

  8. Dude you need video editing skills training. Who the hell wants to watch jet engines doing nothing for 30 mins. ? I mean really, why waste our time !

  9. My Dad would tell a story that he flew out of SFO to LHR in a United 747 in the early 80s. During takeoff the 747 engine made a scary noise and caught fire and the aircraft stopped before the end of the runway. The story goes passengers waited a long time 18 hours or something for them to change the engine on the 747 and continue on to London. United airlines apparently said some passengers can wait longer for the next flight if the fiery aborted takeoff put them off that particular aircraft. My dad said the pilot explained to everyone how he was confident in the aircraft and it had a new engine so my dad got on it.

  10. Probabyl the guys who complaint about the taxiing that took so long they didnt watch the part where the capt announce about some minor tech failure and the aircraft need to go back again at the gate for inspection.

  11. Can't believe I actually watched from start to finish in real time.
    I may now have some sense of how READY you were for this flight to be over!

  12. This was truly the flight from boredom hell. Return to gate, add 1.5 hours to s 19 hour flight, then fly over Siberian wasteland and the arctic with no night hours, then down over the featureless tundra of Canada and finally get to the shithole of Newark, and find your gate occupied.

  13. 2 apr 1997 Malaysia airline b777 200er 9m mra (boeing field seattle to kuala lumpur) 21 hours 23 minute 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍

  14. Is it true that there is less air turbulence on a A340-500-meaning you feel less bumpyness when the plane flies through the clouds or bad weather because this aircraft was designed to be Air Turbulence-Proof.

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