38 thoughts on “Shinedown – 45 Live From Kansas City ( Acoustic )

  1. I know this is an 8year old video, but my best friend lost his struggle in October of this shitty 2019. Cody Tomlin was everything described in this video. He made all of those around him better. And I miss him so god damn bad. And we will never know the what if’s but this world would be better with him still here. So if you’re reading this and you’re struggling, please talk to someone. Talk to me. I’ll give you my phone number and talk about your fight all fight your demons with you. You’re not alone and you are valuable to this world.

  2. I have no idea how or why this popped up but i responded w tears in my eyesi have recently lost my dad first n then my mom n then worst of all my younger brother its easy to give in its hard but worthy of tryting to go on i cant promise i will make it but can promise to try bc i owe it to them n for u downers bring it i have no idea why i putting this other then for them will fight to yhe death in my eyes its a beautiful song full ranve of feelings. RIP ALL

  3. I crie almost every time I listen to this for the fact that this describes me and my life throughout my childhood I had no self esteem and didn’t think I could do anything


  5. I started up my computer and some how got Shinedown on my channel. I don't know how it opened up, but wow the story Brent was regaling was powerful. Love this song.

  6. My Friend Played me his song.
    And tbh I didn't like it to much, cause i felt it was a bit dark.
    I must say after hearing this story, I truly understand and love this song.

  7. I'm so confused, he says 45 isn't a gun??? He literally says I'm staring down the barrel of a 45 like 9 times? I get it is a metaphor and stuff but how is 45 not a gun? The world is a gun. What else has a barrel and a gauge? Ohh well Shinedown sucks balls and this is the only song I enjoy from them but, he had to ruin it for me by completely lying on stage. Yeah it is a metaphor but it is still a gun. How is it not a gun>the world is a metaphor for a gun. What the fuck dude, why are you saying this nonsense, the boom was a gun and he missed. He says 45 isn't a gun and then tells a story of a botched suicide attempt? So confused. This makes me hate shinedown even more.

  8. There is no true understanding of depression,anxiety and worthlessness. All I can tell you is that hurts. Without medication,I I would not be here today commenting! I am lucky that I have health insurance and a doctor that understood.

  9. Shit, this is the first time I'm listening to this song, the first time I'm listening to Shinedown, I click on an 11 minute video to get a chilling speech, followed by a chilling performance.

  10. Brings a tear two my eye gotta be about him such a gifted band best band i have seen live if you get a chance two see shinedown grab it with both hands amazing experience

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