Brent Smith and Zach Myers of Shinedown perform their song “45” from Studio 64 at in Farmington, CT. USA

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31 thoughts on “Shinedown – "45" (Acoustic) from Studio 64 at

  1. I first heard this song years ago, not long after my 15 year old son killed himself… It hit me real hard & years went by & I couldn't listen to it without crying, it sounded like the words he might have said, if he thought someone would listen… I saw this acoustic version tonight, & wanted to check it out. I love it, & I didn't cry — I guess we really do heal, with time.

  2. Almost 2020 and I’m still listening to the Gem, Thank You Brent,Thank you Shinedown for this Lovely and amazing Performance,Thank You Brent For Such an amazing Voice,your a Gift from Heaven Broth

  3. When I heard Save Me this band won my heart I will never pass on new music. Or a local concert , love them. their music is my heart and soul.

  4. Nobody has control of there voice the way thos guy does..all i hear is people who cant sing anymore..this guy takes shit serious..ive never heard of him canceling tours..

  5. Why do artist think its a good idea to change the pacing of a song for acoustic remakes. Did not like this. Butchered their best song…. Good job. Trash remake

  6. Man it is unreal to see him with short hair, it looks like a whole different person. Awesome performance though.

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