Shinedown – 45 acoustic version.
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26 thoughts on “Shinedown – 45 (Acoustic)

  1. Anybody else here as they are contemplating suicide? I wish this song lasted forever, or at least until I was through this hell. Fuck it.

  2. Brent Smith has the most powerful amazing voice ever!! His range on this!! I dedicated an entire Pinterest board to him because my heart lys Shinedown Baby

  3. I lost my friend on August 29, 2019 due to suicide. He showed me this song and looking back on how he killed himself, this song haunts me. I miss you so much, I wish you would have reached out to me. I think about you all the time… I love you so much 💔😓

  4. Haven't listened to this song in forever and now I remember why. It's too beautiful and stirs up to much emotion.

    You stupid MFer! Why did you have to take your life? You are missed terribly.

  5. Been fighting depression for a better part of a year now… ending a 12 year relationship, finding out i wasn't good enough for her. Losing my bed to, losing my car, losing my job because the company needed to downsize, have no friends, my family is distanced from me. Sleeping on couches, having no money, no hope, nowhere to turn. No light at the end of this tunnel.. and things just get darker….everyday i wonder why i haven't pulled the trigger… i keep on fighting and seem to be moving in place never moving a step ahead… it's worse when you can disappear and nobody would know.. makes you feel insignificant… you can only pray to god for so long before you realize he isn't listening.. im supposed to turn 30 in September and im not even sure im going to make it long enough to see it… this song is the only thing that gives me a shred of hope… i can only cry so much before i realize it's not going to change anything… Im just not sure how much more i can take of this cold, lonely, game we call life.. im just sick of losing…

  6. Ppl don’t appreciate good music like this anymore.. no auto-tune no shit.. pure accoustic talent with an amazing voice. Loved it ♥️

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