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50 thoughts on “Ruger Redhawk 45 Auto / 45 Colt

  1. Great videos. Love them all.
    Question regarding 45 acp and 45 colt compatibility:
    how come that those 2 calibers shoot good, if they have different bullet diameters (45 colt has .456 and 45 acp-.452)?
    I am reckoning, from ruger”s wide barrel 452 acp bullets should spit, passing ahead of the bullet a lot of powder gases between groves and bullet.
    Or maybe there is something I do not understand?

  2. I am keeping one like this but it only says 45 long colt on it. I am hoping to buy it from him down the road. His wife won't allow him to keep guns at their house at the moment lol. It's a beast.

  3. I am the exact opposite. If I can get a Ruger I am going Ruger. Smith & Wesson can keep that lock contraption they produce that cant seem to keep the screw from wiggling out of the frame with a steady dose of magnum loads.

  4. If I could afford it…I would get this gun and a 44 Ruger super Blackhawk. I don't own any Ruger revolvers but I sure like the looks of them and my friend tells me he has only shot a Ruger revolver once but liked the feel of it and how it handled when he fired it. He prefers 44 over 45. I want one of each. 😊

  5. just came across this video looking at maybe getting into 45 colt. and yes, those rugers are considered 'strong frames' and after looking at nosler reloading manual there are two sections for 45 colt, single actions and strong frames such as ruger. looking at the reloading data for 240/250 grain projectiles, and the same powder such as 2400, the powder usage and energy are close between 44 magnum and 45 colt. but as the manual says, don't do crazy things in older guns.

  6. My dad has a red hawk but it was I think in .41 Remington and I think it was a red hawk but now they have one as a black hawk

  7. To bad for me that I’m not 21 in Texas to have a great revolver like this. Plus not much moving parts no jamming for me

  8. What do you think of the Cimarron brand? They have a wide selection of 45LC revolvers, I'm wondering if they're worth the money.

  9. which one is ballistically superior in this firearm? I'm considering this for home defense and dont want that magnum bang, flash, etc in my home from a .357.

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