People invented media technologies to capture different experiences they go through. But our senses do a much better job in picturing, hearing, feeling and smelling the various ​Adventures​ we accumulate.
During the last two years, Ritmo, aka Dubi Dagan, curated special moments, vibes and emotions that encapsulate these time fractions and compress them into a sonic universe. Collaborating with top tier artists such as Ace Ventura, Astrix, Liquid Soul, Suntree, Gaudium, and Sphera ­​- Adventures​ goes into eclectic dimensions. While each piece bringing its own version of the trip, together you can feel you went through one story, where the end is up to you.

Ritmo – Adventures, released 2016-06-20, IONO Music, INM1CD075

1. Ritmo – Adventures
2. Ritmo & Ace Ventura – Biological Computer
3. Ritmo & Suntree – Single Point
4. Ritmo & Sphera – Immediate Moment
5. Ritmo & Gaudium – Keep It Minimal
6. Ritmo – Spiritual Brain
7. Ritmo & Astrix – Ziran
8. Ritmo & Liquid Soul – Be Right
9. Ritmo – All At Once

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Iono Music never stops to evolve, always being one step ahead with technology and new initiatives it had grown to be an exciting international label. Always on the move, Iono Music promises to give you the top notch music this atmosphere can offer. The label has built over the years a strong reputation as a quality brand with many artist like: Ritmo, Egorythmia, E-Clip, Suntree, Time in Motion, Lifeforms, Side Effects and many others.

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