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  1. Me and my best friend both joined the Marines together, same mos, same unit. Did three tours in Afghanistan together he was sent home four months before me because he had messed up his leg. Two weeks later I get a call from his mom saying he’s been in a car accident and is on life support, doesn’t know how long he’ll last. He died 7 hours later, I’ve never been more sad and confused in my life. He lived through this hellscape of a country and survived being shot at on a daily basis but goes home to be killed by a fucking drunk having a bad day at the office. I’ll never get it

  2. My dad served in the Navy and Naval Reserve and was stationed to Afghanistan for over a year. While he was there he saw horrible things, almost died multiple times, hurt his back and his leg to the point that he had chronic issues, and had horrible PTSD from the things he saw and did. He died of a morphine overdose after being prescribed it for the littany of injuries he sustained. This fucking war took a happy, awesome guy and completely destroyed him, all for a phony fucking cause that does absolutely ZERO good for ANYONE. I can't hear this goddamn song without bursting into tears. I know he thought he was doing the right thing, the same way thousands of other brave men and women also do, with many of them ending up like him… And for what? It's fucking tragic. RIP Dad. Rise Against rules

  3. This is a super dumb song. The lyrics are so over the top it's ridiculous. This is what happens when people who don't know how to be "deep" try to be deep.

  4. My son who has been in the Army for more than 2 years now introduced me to this song. Civilians generally look at those in service as heroes, we are proud of them, we idolize them. But what we can't do is understand their struggles. How many times are they forced to go against their own morals and values for the greater good and the irreparable damage caused leaves them tortured. The man in the song, having to protect his platoon killed a child. Not knowing until it was too late that she was innocent. That would break any person. Soldiers are not psychopaths without conscience. They are humans with feelings and a lot of heart and they come home broken. Humans were never designed to kill and psychologically cannot handle it. I love the reality of this song and its message.

  5. I don't really know why, but it is the 18th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and I'm feeling way more emotional about it than I have been in past years. There are a few songs that help with the mourning… This is one of those songs.

  6. Often in wars the men on both sides are not fighting the enemy out of hatred but out of love for that beautiful flag but most of all the fellow soldier next to him or her. Politics are set aside you just wanna watch your fellow soldiers back these men and women become brothers and sisters going through and seeing the most barbaric side of humanity. War doesn't solve anything imo but I will gladly serve if my nanesm was ever to be called and if do it for the man next to me sadly we haven't risen up and forced these politicians to go fight for themselves what a sight that would be. In there suites shooting at each other for greed money and things that don't matter. These families like the rothchilds control the entire worlds food medication oil and other things they help create fear if terrorism and also wont allow any cures out with the trillions donated for cancer research we would of had a cure they want us sick because they control big pharma as well. The people of the world need to organize and take the world back from these evil greedy disgusting families the council of 300 the 13bloodlines all need totally wiped out then we could live in harmony no more wars no more killing just loving each and every person no matter skin or religion or ethnicity. We are all capable of it why aren't we doing this? I know there is evil people but we could get rid of them and let the rest love in harmony not waiting for some one world order I will die before I let them run the whole world because they will kill off over half the world population enslave the rest and idk about you but I don't like the idea of anything ending with me in chains

  7. The first time I hurd the song was from body of war. I as all we have our story's this song is true to heart. I was in in iraq as 11b in the beginning and in the end 2010 this song is resolute. Only true will understand its meaning. And haters. Dream on when your close and can see and taste, your not a fobit and lying to yourself why you drink and release your mind dream on

  8. Both sides are the bad guys when it comes to war. Sad that most don't realize it till after. It's why the perfect soldier is one who just follows orders without questions, a loyal dog and not a man.

  9. 2:42 is where the strongest emotions emerged.

    3:19 "she collapsed with the flag in her hands; Flag white as snow" 🥺✌🏼😢 ~Hero of War~

    No to War/ Yes to Peace! Condemn all forms of violence, which includes organized War.

    "Rise Against" all forms of discriminations.

    One of the best song ever!

  10. Such a powerful song gives me chills and makes me cry everytime, but it's worth it. Thank you for serving ❤💯🛐

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