31 thoughts on “RIP: A Remix Manifesto (part 2)

  1. @coolcosmonaut You don't need that specific bit of software just to do that, there are so many programmes out there that you can use. Check out Ableton Live for example.

  2. If this means something to you then you should also check out everythingisaremix.info/watch-the-series/ if you haven't already.

  3. I might seem a bit outvoted and moderately insane here to some people but there should be a line between basing a song off another ie hearing a song then mixing your own version and ripping it directly from the artists music without giving them credit at all… at least note in that "Yeah, I started with Led Zeppelin then toyed with it" rather than "ALL THIS IS MY WORK!!!"
    Once again, just an opinion, don't hang me for it.

  4. @secretfury13 The distinction is you likely purchased those electronic devices, or those metal samples, and with the purchase came the rights to use them as you see fit, even destroy them. Girl Talk has acquired the devices (other people's audio creations) WITHOUT the right to use them as he sees fit. That is the distinction. The argument over whether he should be able to use them as he sees fit once purchased (for less than $4.2 Mill) is another issue.

  5. While generally I agree with the arguments made by this documentary, the support for those arguments is based on this "manifesto" which isn't necessarily fact, yet the author uses it as a starting point assumption. So the conclusions are based on an assumption that is frankly up for debate, and while it all seems very logical, the overall thesis isn't all that sound.

  6. @creamypotatoe Have you heard what awesome tunes he can get out of his laptop?

    Don't be so prejudiced. Not using tables doesn't automatically make your music "lame". In other words: pay attention to the music itself not to how it was made.

  7. How interesting…Beethoven's 9th and Schubert's "sampling" it (actually, he composed his first symphony to mimic Beethoven's). Coplan's Appalachian Spring sampling an old Quaker hymn. Where to draw the line…or is there?

  8. i say someone hacks sony, universal, warner brothers and the movie assosiation websites and everytime someone clicks on a link it redirects them to a girl talk song or better yet this video. PIRACY FOR ALL. FREEDOM FOR EVERYONE

  9. omg the one about the Rolling Stones is awful. They took someone else's song and then used the law get filthy rich off it. Why pick a side when you have the best of both worlds?

  10. So how long do we need to pay? I assume from your comment you send over a buck or two to RIAA when you sing that 1900's hit, happy birthday? When does it end?

  11. At 3:40 that's really interesting info on that blues artist and fits well into the movie and the subject matter, but is that Muddy Waters? The movie says it's Muddy but it doesn't sound like him to me.

  12. To be honest I don't find the music very appealing but the cause is bold….As long as there is mone humanity will be restrained from growth

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