46 thoughts on “Rihanna – Te Amo

  1. I should have realised I was a lezzer after I watched this for the millionth time!!! Oh well. However many years later is better than never lol

  2. The song is saying how the women is like a lesbo or bi and she loves rihanna but rihanna is saying no but the video is saying different and I am confused although I like the video

  3. If my gay ass watched this when I was super young and thought it was hot as hell, I can only imagine what it did to lesbians…

  4. Believe it or not I am not a Lisbon I am sart n open time to time I only had one girlfriend vs rip my bff who passed away on me but vs had kept her word too me she is still with me after her death her though my man Daddy yo James she my agole n I miss vs Heather pastor AKA hizzle

  5. Kinda like how close me and vs my bff vs rip was but I am sart n open I am now with my man Daddy yo vs a lot of the time is though him hizzle

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