Non-stop songs By Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Songs List:
1. Babalikang Kang Muli
2. Bluer Than Blue
3. Dadalhin
4. Forever
5. Harana
6. I’ll Never Love This Way Again
7. In Love With You
8. Leader of the Band
9. Looking Through the Eyes of Love
10. On the Wings of Love
11. Fallin’
12. What Kind of Fool Am I
13. You’ve Made Me Stronger
14. Alipin
15. Forevermore
16. Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin
17. You Don’t Know
18. Tuwing Umuulan


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49 thoughts on “Regine Velasquez Non Stop Songs

  1. The real voice <3 ..
    Regine V's voice and her songs, the lyrics as well, it's heart-melting yet stress reliever.. ♡

  2. mula pa noon… when I got ☺happy… 😟sad… 😠angry… I kahit anong emotion ko this album I always play… ewan ko kung bakit basta ang alam ko lang sa twing pinakikinggan ko ang album na to kaya nyang sabahayan kung ano man ang emotions ang meron ako kaya very proud ako sayo regien… i love your all songs…
    love you ms regs
    Jennifer perez

  3. Pray all the time read his holy bible.fasting offering felloweshipping to others give
    Testimony give tithes of our
    Income offering to help yhe
    Church join the choir sing praising
    Glorious song to him only.
    Ask God for our yalents it is a gift
    From God.
    God is our best friend our only one savior always pray god is so hood
    All the time .to god be the glory
    Praise god amen sing and dance.

  4. In this world will not ladts forever
    Everthing belongs to him
    The judgement day whos with
    Him or fake.serve God faithfully
    This lufe this world will not lasts
    Forever time is gold do good
    Things to him alone only to God
    Praise be to god amen.

  5. Every individual has its own gift individual petsonality adk the Lord give us the perfect gift it comrs from abouve wralth good names
    Good reputation money popularity
    It is?god gift not man like moises
    Just ask God by faith noyhing is
    Impossible even wralth everthing
    Belongs to him even our precious
    Life so now how can we boast
    Proud to ourself just sttay humble
    God resists the proud and give grace to the humble satan wad being punish bec. He always
    Complains envious to God
    Give thanks to god god is so good alll. The time just pray and serve
    God not man please?God not man.
    The principles of reaping and sowing.God knows everthing we
    Cannot anything even our heart.
    Always pray to God bec.God is a jealous God. Pray by faith.

  6. one of our most pride singers here in the philippines 🇵🇭 i love regine velasques asia’s song bird💕ikaw na talaga nakaka gay yung boses mo kahit babae ako 😘haha , kahit ulit-ulitin mo tung songs nya ang ganda ng boses👍🏻

  7. Pride of all Filipino people 🙂 Most legendary singer here in the Philippines <3 we still love you till now at my age hahaha

    1. Babalikang Kang Muli – 0:01
    2. Bluer Than Blue – 04:27
    3. Dadalhin – 07:21
    4. Forever (with Martin Nievera) – 12:17
    5. Harana – 16:13
    6. I'll Never Love This Way Again – 19:36
    7. In Love With You (with Jacky Cheung) – 24:07
    8. Leader of the Band – 28:27
    9. Looking Through the Eyes of Love – 33:06
    10. On the Wings of Love – 37:36
    11. Fallin' – 41:32
    12. What Kind of Fool Am I – 44:47
    13. You've Made Me Stronger – 49:03
    14. Alipin – 53:09
    15. Forevermore – 57:47
    16. Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin – 1:02:53
    17. You Don't Know – 1:06:31
    18. Tuwing Umuulan – 1:10:37

  9. OPM is the best, specially with Regine! Sharing a new OPM song na bagay din kay Songbird! This song is called TAMA NA interpreted by Suklay Diva, Katrina Velarde. Check this out!

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