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A deluxe box set edition (5-CD/1-Blu-ray) features the original album (remastered), plus special remixes from the original Monster producer Scott Litt, a disc of previously unreleased demos, as well as a complete live 1995 performance captured in Chicago.

The accompanying Blu-ray offers Monster in both hi-resolution audio and 5.1 Surround Sound, a host of video content: the 90-minute film Road Movie, which documents R.E.M.’s 1995 tour, and all six music videos from Monster.

The collection is packaged in a five-and-a-half-inch portfolio book, featuring liner notes by journalist Matthew Perpetua—with new interviews from band members—and archival photographs.

Expanded editions, offering the original album and the remixed version, will also be available on two 180-gram vinyl LPs or two CDs, both featuring reimagined cover art by longtime R.E.M. designer Chris Bilheimer.

The remastered album will also be available as a standalone 180-gram vinyl LP, with the original 1994 Monster artwork.

Digital editions of the album will mirror the complete deluxe audio content—remastered, remixed and live— available across all streaming and download platforms. Digital breakouts will also offer the remastered and remixed album in hi-resolution (88.1/24).

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23 thoughts on “R.E.M. – “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” (Remix)

  1. Kurt Cobain's Sonic Blue Jag-Stang Guitar (serial #0000000000-KC) was given to R.E.M.'s Peter Buck by Courtney Love after Cobain died. Buck can be seen playing it on “What's the Frequency, Kenneth?” music video.

  2. perhaps Scott should have thrown the Buck tremolo in at the end of one or two verses, not totally eliminated them…then everyone would be satisfied… Other than that, I love the modern technology that can bring out stuff we have never heard before….like a clear, cutting Michael Stipe vocals…

  3. Nope, sorry. I love this band but I HATE this remix. Chopping the last two lines of the lyric is outrageous, and losing the dirty tremolo guitar s a huge mistake. For me, the essence of Monster (one of my favourite REM albums) is its grittiness, but here that's lost.

  4. Gotta say, I prefer the original to this. Still, thrilled that we're getting a straight-up remaster as well as the remix album, so I can't be mad about the Kenneth remix not being all I'd hoped for. Being fair, what was anyone going to do with Kenneth for a remix? It's already so tight on the album, there's not a lot you could change with any claim to be adding to it — though if it were me, I'd have gone the other way with the tremolo, just slather the song in it and have some fun. The real test of this remix album concept will be songs like King of Comedy, You, or Star 69, where IMO there's more room to manoeuvre for a new take on the original sound. Looking forward to the reissue anyway, since Monster is the REM album I think would most benefit from a remaster, whereas Time and Automatic were already crystal clear back in the 90s.

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