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Song: Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People

DUBSTEPPIN!!! to a beast track remixed by “butch clancy”
Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks Dubstep Remix
Butch clancy is back on NZD with an amazing new remix of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’! and guess what… ANOTHER FREE DOWNLOAD! Big ups to Butch Clancy! Please check him out and grab a copy of the tune!

Butch Clancy-


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  1. Hey guys hope you enjoyed the video! Follow my Instagram > for more dance clips! Thanks

  2. I remember watching this video repeatedly over and over again & trying to learn all those moves when I was like 11…good old days. Time flies!

  3. It's fantastic how the reverse moves (memories) are distorted versions of the forward moves (the past). Ugh! The feels!

  4. Man…. I saw this for the first time when I may have been exposed to certain chemicals, and it basically changed how I look at shit. How does that work? It was like a story of life and death… In forward and reverse….

  5. Best part of this video is the stoic look of concentration on his face.
    Conveys this sense of effortlessness.
    Even with years of practice I doubt .01% of the population could be this good.
    Truly r/toptalent

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