Owl City’s Fireflies just got a Said The Sky remix and man it’s a damn good one!

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♪ Genre: Chill

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50 thoughts on “Owl City – Fireflies (Said The Sky Remix)

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  3. I can feel this song😌😌♥️♥️
    Whenever I close my eyes and hear this song I feel like I'm in a different world♥️

  4. Imagine just playing this in your car while at a big carpark in the middle of the night after you went to get supper and you can see the stars shining bright.

  5. Remind me to play this song when we finally defeated the Area 51 guards and bring victory of raiding the Area 51 and let the aliens inside free

  6. This song makes me sad becouse of the memories of having and hanging with friends but now i'm all alone and it just breaks my heart even more 😔i just wish that i'l make some new friends soon and maybe even a better loving girlfriend …

  7. Me and my girlfriend loved this song but we can't get back together again because she lives far away and so this is kinda sad

  8. This brings me in tears because it helps me cope with death and horrible people. Thank you for helping me😉😉😉😍

  9. I speak to the flowers.there my best friends.the story goes when Jesus died so did the best of all men.went to the flowers and watched and spoke untill the child was born.Loudone and his master the flower.known to be the deadliest of all the martial arts.comic I dont move, I get moved.

  10. This song gives me this feeling, I don’t know exactly what it is, it’s: beauty, nostalgia, weirdly like nostalgia but towards the future instead of the past, memories, gratitude, excitement, enjoyment, joy, emotion, and it makes me dream. It gives me this feeling to reach for the stars

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