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Please watch: “Water Balloon Splash Mob Dance Video | World of Dance & Bunch O Balloons”



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34 thoughts on “Nonstop | FRONTROW | World of Dance Atlanta 2015 | #WODATL15

  1. When you try to think positive and think that you have talent but after looking at this, you realized you were not even close.

  2. My favourite for ever and ever and ever. A real accomplishment, throughout the Amazing performance of course, the interprétation of the lyrics, the facts that you sing aller the times, all your movements of body, slow, fast, so fine on the rhythm, the movement of your head. The perfection in my opinion. I m never fed up watching it, i m so inconditionnal. I wish i could do a tenth of it. This is the achievement with 2 others. Sorry for my english, i m french

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