Yakovlev Art

0:00 Adam – Distant Memories

5:04 Jasper De Ceuster – Particle

9:23 EaMuzik – Reset

12:27 Fractal Man – Diving Lessons

17:01 Doomroar – Fast Life (ft.Shikimo)

21:01 Jasper Mitchell – Gemini

25:16 Rosentwig – Just Better At Hiding It

27:09 Octal Drive – Pacific Dive

31:10 Adam – Challenger

35:40 Shikimo – Fugitive

39:32 Aeronexus – Starship Supernova (feat. Dynatron)

43:53 Mike Murdok – Donut

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27 thoughts on “NONSTOP – A Chill Synthwave Special

  1. Hey Astral Gang, this mix's title is taken by one of you guys (Ben St. John) thank you for your inspiration! Comment below your titles for next week's mix!! As usual, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks!!

  2. Jasper Mitchell's "Gemini" kind of reminds me of Depeche Mode's "Big Muff", like a happy-tuned driving-on-the-GRID version of it or something.

  3. Now that’s how you start a mix. Getting ready for the day and started this chill ass shizz and forgot where the hell I was and what I was suppose to be doing

  4. I love how the picture moves just a little bit. I'll be working, then look up, and it's father down! Gives a bit of intrigue while not being distracted. Love the mix!

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