How could two friends drift so far apart? It would seem leadership places unseen burdens upon those that carry it. Firestar will always fight for the good of his friends, Onestar will fight for the good of his clan. But who walks the moral path? The difference between right and wrong is not always black and white.

PHEW! This… was… a 48 hour.. sorta.. PMV but it took a week! For the record MOST parts were completed within the 48 hours but some were back-ups and some took a little over and it became quite a large editing job so it took a little longer! But BOY WAS IT FUN!!

I think it was possibly a little too ambitious to try to tell this whole story and only give 48 hours and it was even MORE ambitious to do it in black and white. No colours means that suddenly character designs become a whole lot tougher and I think that might make it hard to follow! Particularly between Leafpool and Sandstorm. I’ve included their designs and the scrip below for you guys to read if you need to!

All in all I had a blast with this and I hope you did too!! Thank you SO much to all participants! I’m going to… Sleep… And not draw cats for a while…


Hamilton – Firestar/Jake
Aaron Burr – Onestar
Eliza Schuyler – Sandstorm
Angelica Schuyler – Leafpool
George Washington – Tallstar

“Non Stop” from the Hamilton musical



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to Finchwing and CrispyCh0colate for helping me out with cat silhouettes

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29 thoughts on “NON STOP || Firestar & Onestar || 48 Hour PMV

  1. So before I became Hamilton trash as I am now, I honestly couldn't get the music or story because I didn't know what it was about, and thus was also not a big fan of the genre of some of their music (I'm not usually much for hip hop). But at the same time, I was introduced to Hamilton music through Warriors with Oakheart's "Wait for It" video, and I could appreciate that genre (Noodlers' beautiful animation helped too). Then I discovered Galactibun's animatics and "Satisfied" became a favourite of mine, and I slowly got into the other songs. "Non-Stop" is also a favourite of mine, certain parts more so than others, so I came back to see if I could understand it better. And with a better grasp on Hamilton, I realized that the video made a lot more sense. There were still scenes I was unsure about though, so the description including the cast list and the script was a major help!

    Now that I've come to appreciate Hamilton more, this makes so much more sense and thus appears that much more brilliant to me. It's amazingly clever how you fitted the song to Onestar and Firestar's relationship! Loved all the scenes that were mapped out in the script. They fit very nicely, and the animation did a good job of conveying it once I understood what was really going on, and they all turned out so gorgeous, especially with the limitations of black and white (which is also very clever). I like that making it black and white gives it a symbolic feel because Onestar and Firestar did things so differently: one for the good of the clan and the other for what he thought was good, and yet it's not black and white which one was the "better leader".

    So all in all, great job guys! Loved it.

  2. Honestly firestar basically is Hamilton and if there's a warriors movie and he's not voiced by lin Manuel Miranda, I will murder someone

  3. Sooooo Hamilton write 0.17 of the pages each day according to my math and rounding W0W
    Also I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this so much

  4. I usually don't watch animations/animatics that aren't, y'know, with the cast. But this was actually really good! It made me want to watch more

  5. Eliza=Sandstorm
    We all know these medicine cats loved Firestar just as the Schuyler sisters loved Hamilton

  6. I’m Still Waiting For Someone To Take All The Songs From Hamilton And Try And Fit It With The Whole First Warrior Cats’ Series.

    Besides From That- cLaP cLaP


  7. Omfg, lie I didn’t think this was- HAMILTON non stop(like I was pretty sure) but liek thank you so much😂my 2 favorite things! Great job guys! 👍🏻

  8. One day when I was around ten I watched this video for the first time. I stopped during the dialog between Onestar and Firestar, since it was super long and I had other videos to watch. About a month later I saw this video pop up in my recommended. I remembered that I had never finished the vid, so I watched the entire video. I fell in love with this song, so I found more in the musical. Fast forward to 2019. I am currently 13 1/2, and this is still my favorite song (and video) in Hamilton. Thank you to all of the animators who made this masterpiece (and got me obsessed with Hamilton). May StarClan light your paths.

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