22 thoughts on “NIKKI SIXX: “I am the anti rock star” Interview (Nov 2015)

  1. I love nikki sixx, he's such and amazing person, he's so inspiring, he's a great father too. I love motley crue and I also love sixx am

  2. I feel like Nikki is a sweetheart of a dude. We come from different worlds musically, but I believe that the Groove unites. And, we aren’t too far apart in years either. So Nikki, if ya happen to see this, and feel like a vay-cay in Vancouver, grab John 5 and your guitars and like the mighty Zep said, “We’re gonna groove”

  3. "Nikki Sixx" claims he's the Anti-Rock Star yet his career and his band Motley Crue was based on sheer "rockstar" bullshit! Here's a guy that could barely play an instrument when the band started and his writing catalog career is purely entertainment. He seems like a decent enough guy, but that said his rockstar antics show a disrespect for those around him and himself. I just can't take them serious…

  4. Sixx a m sucks big time.. I thought that Nikki could do some cool stuff on his own, but nope, sounds like the worst 80es band ever, bad pop music, guess Nikki's not rock n roll after all..

  5. People that keep criticizing on Nikki… Like wtf?? Does anybody of us knows what this man has been through? Knowing that he 'died twice' is not enough to 'walk in his shoes'! Fucking assholes will never understand it…

  6. Nothing wrong with wanting to do something different.. I personally dig Sixx am. The heroin diaries helped me out of a dark peroid in my life.I get how cliche that sounds but it's my truth. Whatever Nikki decides I'm sure it'll be if nothing else, it'll be heartfelt

  7. Nikki – I gota say….your new chick is freagin  Not Hot. She is a total ham for the cameras and I don't know for what. You must make her feel beautiful – cuz she definitely aint. Donna was your hottest woman yet to this date. Being with this new chick – shows your age and how people do in fact start to settle over time. You have always spoke your mind and/or opinion. That's mine on your old lady.

  8. No disrespect to Sixx but Sixx AM sounds like typical pop metal/metal core/pop rock junk that's coming out these days. It's not catchy or melodic the way Crue was. You could insert their music into a beer commercial. But I get it. They took Motley as far as it could go. Vince was way out of shape on this tour and they had to go out with dignity. I'm actually looking forward to hearing Mick's blues material. Mick is a very good bluesman, now we'll have a chance to hear him

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