Nhạc thư giãn – Nhạc nhẹ nhàng – Nhạc mới 2019 | New Music 2019 – Country Music
✔️ Tracklist:
♪ How to Carry On – Wildflowers
♪ Don’t Need Anyone Else – Wildflowers
♪ When I Really Come Alive – Wildflowers feat. Vincent Vega
♪ When I’m Lonely – Ameryh
♪ If I Change – Gribbe Remix – Mindme
♪ We Came to Party – Basixx
♪ Will You Come Around – Houses On The Hill feat. NeiNei
♪ Wish I Could – Dayon
♪ Sweat on Me – Tape Machines feat. Trice – Vicki Vox
♪ Strangers Again – Ameryh
♪ Without Her – Wildflowers feat. Step Brother
♪ I Get a Little Starstruck – Wildflowers feat. Sarah Pumphrey
♪ Can’t Get Enough Of This – Wildflowers feat. Step Brother
♪ Everything Stops – Wildflowers feat. Christine Smit
♪ Young Stupid and in Love – Wildflowers feat. Jason Derinq
♪ Trenches and Brabed Wire – Walking Hearts feat. Christine Smit
Kênh được tạo bởi Cytus.
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Chúc các bạn có những giây phút thư giãn khi nghe nhạc tại kênh.
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