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  1. THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEOS IT HELPS ME A LOT. WHICH FORMULA WILL YOU ADVICE'S ME TO USED IN THIS PROBLEM eg . Create a formula for the “Sales with Free Shipping” column that subtracts the “Shipping Cost” from the “Sales” only if the “Expanded Order Type” is Extra Large, XX Large, or XXX Large. Copy the formula down to all the rows. What would total 2012 sales have been if the company had offered free shipping instead of the 1% discount (rounded to 2 decimal places)? 
    Order Type Sales Discount Sales with Discount Sales with Free Shipping Ship Mode Shipping Cost
    XX Large 2354.8 0.01 2331.252 Regular Air 19.99
    XXX Large 187.88 0.01 186.0012 Regular Air 2.97
    Extra Small 192.58 0 192.58 Regular Air 4.1
    Extra Large 7325.63 0.01 7252.3737 Express Air 24.49
    Medium-Large 279.4 0 279.4 Regular Air 6.91
    Mini 3668.28 0 3668.28 Regular Air 13.99
    Small 1170.025 0 1170.025 Regular Air 8.99
    Extra Small 10.39 0 10.39 Regular Air 0.7
    Medium-Large 2354.15 0 2354.15 Delivery Truck 14

  2. Sir this formula is applicable on the same sheet only where data and vlookup formula is available like you have done above is the data and below finding lookup value . Because i am trying it on different sheet like data is available on sheet 1 and finding lookup value on sheet 2 do not showing me the answer.

  3. Hi sir, your all videos are wonderful and very nice. Your speak is very clear and easy to understand. Thank you for your videos. It's very use full improve the skills.

  4. Hi sir, your all classes of videos are very good. But not useful for beginners, only useful for professionals only. These classes are reminding the forgotten things for professionals in ms office, please make videos for beginners also to understand… Thank you.

  5. मुझे एक साथ सभी कॉलम मे vlookup का formula use करना है, तकी मुझे बार बार vlookup formula use ना कर ना पढे, और वो दूसरी sheet se lagana he

  6. Sir . Aap ka Excell Ka knowledge shandar h…….ydi student fees shhet aap tayar krna BTA de ….bhut achha Hoga…….or aap plz reply kre

  7. Sir kya aap asi student fees table taiyar kr sakte h jisme Kisi student ki fees submit krte Jaye or uska total fees update hoti Jaye……means monthly cell nhi bnakar direct data feed kre or student ki fees update ho Jaye…….

  8. Sir…. The value is one time appear so…this type very useful… Incase some duplicate values input the sources… At the time how to find the both value in one formula????

  9. DOUBT – How to use TRIM function when we have space in between a word. If we take the above table itself then suppose "SH OES" has a space (table value). Now when I used the TRIM inside VLOOKUP it is throwing an error #N/A.

  10. DOUBT – What is the need to press Cntrl+Shift+Enter? If we are entering the function aptly then why do we need to avoid any error? Ideally, the error should not come if we have given correct function?
    Can Tutorials Point (India) Pvt. Ltd. or anyone master of excel helps me to understand this?

  11. Can you please explain how we can give vlookup from date to month… my lookup value is Date and source is Month.
    example : lookup value 12-08-2018
    source is Aug.

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