Shooting and discussing the new .45 ACP M&P Shield.
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40 thoughts on “M&P Shield .45 ACP

  1. The Paris attacker got shot 4 times by a 9mm full jackets thou , but still was able to run away and keep shooting at people. That’s why Im going to a .45.

  2. 45 is so big and slow that if you watch closely you can see the slug going down range lol. Love the 45!! Big, slow, and hits like a hammer!

  3. @5:30 you can actually SEE 3 or 4 or these .45 rounds flying towards the target, camera tech is so amazing nowadays the frames per minute pick up everything

  4. a buddy of mine just got one for $275 the handle on this gun is so skinny I couldn't believe it haha felt like it would shoot 22lr

  5. I actually carry my shield 45 occasionally in the pocket depending on what I'm wearing.
    They make a few pocket holsters for it that are nice, Alabama, and vedder.

    That's with the flush magazine however, can forget it with the extended magazine unless you have very large pockets.
    Cargo shorts are what I typically have on when I'll carry it in the pocket.

  6. got my 45 shield 2.0 for 350 brand new. But it was the one with the CT built in. Couldn't find a holster for it. I would never use a laser anyways. Sold it for 400 and got myself a glock 19

  7. Camera John ,….I LOVE the fly- distraction. Whe bu was in 5thgrade in frint, my teacher had a 1960's beehive hairdo. John Vierra & I were mezmerized this fly circled around The Beehive. The damn thing landed on the left sideand crawled in….5 minutes later it crawled out the other side. We laughed so hard uncontrollably that we both got kicked out and sent to pronciples' office! We STILL could t stop laughing! Now I'm 56 y/o & still can't stop laughing…go John, go!!!! Show us all them damn flies!….haha

  8. That gun is simply not accurate at the range of the red plate. It isn’t Hickok missing. It’s the gun. I own one, it’s very poor with targets over 25 yards. Buy this gun for close in encounters only!

  9. Have purchased Shield and XDS both , and personally the Shield was hands down SO much sweeter out of the box than the XDS, and still a favorite grab in my rotation. XDS went away to a different place as we had personality conflicts. I'll add it was a beautifully crafted fit and finish thought, but just loved and shot the shield much better

  10. 45 is too sluggish & has too much recoil with most pistols, both leading to missed shots.
    You can watch a 45 fly & drop drastically.

  11. S&W did right by making that handle 1/4 to 3/8" inch longer then the XDS 45. That little 5 shot on the XDS is just to short to be practical but it does conceal good. Most use the 6 shot extension on the XDS though……..why well it feels better and concealed great for all users that own it. S&W decided that a tad longer 1/4 1/2" inch is nothing to try and hide. JMB knew what he was doing when he made a pistol………..any of them and so did colt. The commander 4" inch with a 7 shot handle shaved or bob-tailed is plenty easy to hide unless your trying to be James Bond or pocket rocket Rick………..( We all know a Pocket Rocket Rick ) or a ( Pocket Rocket Rita ) Tiny guns are great for their job but just try getting one out of your pocket when your already drawn down on by a thug or your guard was down in Quick Mart at night eye balling that Spinning Pizza platter……..( Damn spinning pizza gets me every time at 7/11)

  12. I didn't realize how much of a 40c enthusiast I was until I took an inventory, then, I purchased the shield 45 acp, Its my EDC, what a pleasure to shoot

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