41 thoughts on “Monkey Baby Nui | Mẹ Nui đưa Nui đi xem chương trình ảo thuật quốc tế

  1. I cant help but think of like a baby monkey getting dragged around over rocks in Amari troupe, and here's Nui taking in the local art scene like a god damn bourgeois monkey, lolol. So awesome how she was paying attention to the show. Really enjoyed you having subtitles for us!

  2. Love love love nui 😘😘😘 وباللغه العربيه احب فديوهات القرده الطفله nui😘

  3. You… Both are young and Smart…. What's so ever u do for this animal… At the end, it is a wild animal…
    It's place is in nature..
    If u want to adopt… Adopt orphan child….
    God bless you…. Think about its…

  4. siempre tan lindo y tan sociable la bella nui ella es hermosa. como su madre te amo nui y a la madre. tambien 😘😘💖

  5. What is wrong with you, nui is a monkey, not human! She did not see any relatives, nor does she care about anything you do with her. She wants to eat , sleep, poo and hump. Stop treating a monkey like a human child. Its seriously disgusting.

  6. Mình muốn nuôi một em mà ko biết mua ở đâu , bạn có biết ở đâu bán cho mình xin địa chỉ và Sđt được không ? Thanks !

  7. Nui sits nice and quiet through the performance, pays attention and aknowledges the ones around her without fussing! Better than a lot of human children I've seen. Good to see Bin being more careful with monkeys! A great outing!
    Thanks for the subtitles!!💖

  8. You are a fucking animal abusing asshole. Monkeys don't go to art shows and monkeys don't wear clothes. What you're doing is complete abuse and you should be ashamed of yourself this is fucking disgusting

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