35 thoughts on “Modern Educayshun

  1. there are really people in the comments so unbelievably lacking in social intelligence that they think people like this are super ultra strawman-free humans who exist just to make their lives sad 🙁

  2. Honestly, very few places, let alone public schools, are like this. Some colleges are like this admittedly but to all the people who are commenting “THIS IS SO REALLLL!!!!1!!!!11!”…

    Please shut up. It’s not.

    I will say this: It’s satire, and it is a great way of portraying how ridiculous political correctness and the ignorance freedom of thought/speech is getting.

    Saying all this as a conservative.

  3. The people who ACTUALLY believe what these actors were saying and agreed with them are Extreme left, possibly worse than communists..

  4. Okay I love the vid. But unfortunately I can't watch the whole thing cuz dumb people make my head hurt. Oww the political correctness.

  5. I can't say Filipino anymore in Harvard because it's not gender neutral. I have to use Filipinx instead.
    Ethnic Studies might become mandatory in colleges in America. In the proposal for Ethnic Studies, they use "hxrstory" instead of "history" because it's gender specific. College students have become a pile of brain damage teens entering adulthood. Education has become indoctrination.

  6. The way this is too accurate on today's society scares the shit out of me.
    No we aren't all equal.
    We're all different.
    It's good to be unique. ♥️

  7. Honestly, how fun would it be if this happened in real life? Because there will always be people evo believe the sane as you so if something like this does happen, then it would be kinda fun rebelling against is and becoming like outlaws. Outlaws… that speak their mind😱

  8. 5:50 "Stop violating me with your different opinion" Liberals in a nutshell. Scratch that, this video is liberals in a nutshell.

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