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Mê Muội Với Top 12 EDM Nhẹ Nhàng Thư Giãn | Midnight EDM
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01.➡00:00 TheFatRat – Origin Reprise
02.➡01:46 Divyns – Sun of Taipei
03.➡04:49 接个吻,开一枪, Clare – Beijing
04.➡07:36 TheFatRat – Monody feat. Laura Brehm (sJLs Orchestral Remix)
05.➡11:21 Chitao – China-ShaoGuan
06.➡14:35 [Chinese – Oriental Drum & Bass] TaiGekTou – The Adorned Cage (Iruka Remix)
07.➡17:32 Nortsan – Blossom
08.➡21:25 K-391 – Escape (Vexento Remix)
09.➡24:43 LJY – New Year ♪
10.➡28:09 MBB – Beach (Vlog No Copyright Music)
11.➡30:11 Jarico – Island (Vlog No Copyright Music)
12.➡33:48 SET-B & 木白 – TeA
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