42 thoughts on “Mariah Carey – Fantasy (Remix) ft. O.D.B.

  1. This collab, alone, should have a star on the Hollywood Walk. Made and changed remixes and collaborations forever 🦋

  2. Still the dopest remix of all time. Putting a grimey vulgar street dude like odb on a pop record with a young innocent media darling like how mariah was at the time is brilliant. And the genius of love sample is fire.

  3. Je recherche une femme comme ça,joie amour gaité avenantes douce féminine de bonne esprit saint,et jolie fille splendide maria

  4. Hey who owns the rights to this? I just want to play dope music when I take my son so an amusement park…if I hope him up with this song & post our experience on my social media is it a problem?

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