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“An ethereal sense of eternally free flowing dimensions…worth the wait” – DJ Mag 8/10

“Two years after [Weightless] was declared ‘the most relaxing tune ever’ they’ve delivered five further, equally calming, pieces worthy of men once asked to remaster the Eno’s back catalogue” – Uncut 8/10

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25 thoughts on “Marconi Union – Weightless (Official 10 Hour Version)

  1. Haven't listen to this in awhile, played it today and was like, "holy shit." Forgot how strong it was. Feel like a weight has been lifted. Which is appropriate ig

  2. Please send help!! Nearly been listening to this for two hours!! My three month old daughter won't sleep unless she's in my arms, I move her to her crib and she cries again!! 😭😭😭😭😭 Don't have kids unless you want to be burdened with not moving… I am stuck here forever now. My fate has been locked now. 😭😭

  3. This reminds me of the time three of my friends and I walked to 7-11 to get some goodies for the night despite it being around -15°C on a cold, foggy winter evening. I was also kind of high during the walk (I put my debit card in upside down while paying too lmao) so that might have also contributed to this song coming to mind.

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